2020 has been an exciting year for the NFA industry thus far. With a record number of purchases compared to years past, you may have noticed suppressors being an especially hot commodity recently, almost as popular as the toilet paper buying craze.

Understandably, this comes with a lot of speculation as to what is happening to silencer inventory - where is it all going? With inventory flying off the shelves, we know our customers are eager to buy their silencers and get started on the application process. In this post, we’ll be arming you with the latest tips, tricks, and suppressor-buying hacks to help you get the silencer you’ve been waiting for.

The Where

The simplest answer to where all of the silencers are is that they’re being purchased! Even with supply being the highest it’s ever been, demand has been even greater. Manufacturers are working their hardest to bring you as many silencers as quickly as possible without compromising their high quality standards.

The Why

We’ve heard a lot of speculation as to why this has been such a record year. And we’d like to weigh in with our input based on what we’ve seen in the past, and what we’ve heard in the present.

Presidential Campaigns

Demand increases in election years, and we are seeing that 2020 is no different. Given the political climate and the element of the unknown, we see more customers looking to complete the application process in the wake of presidential campaigns.

Legislative Proposals

In the same vein, proposed federal and state legislative changes also spike demand. Virginia’s most recent proposed changes are a prime example of that.

New Customers

We’d like to think more individuals are becoming educated on their second amendment rights, specifically pertaining to silencers being legal in their respective states. With this knowledge comes an influx of new customers adding their silencer orders to the docket.

The Hacks

Now, how do you get your suppressor in such a high demand environment? Here are a few suggestions to help you reduce the waiting time for a silencer to come back in stock.

Purchase a backordered item


If you see backorder instead of add to cart on, it’s an indication that your item should be coming into our inventory soon. This is a confirmation that the item is manufactured, and we are just waiting on it to arrive. Adding a backordered silencer to your cart and checking out adds you to our first-come first-served list. Yes, this is a waitlist. You are essentially paying for the silencer to hold your spot in a virtual line and you will be automatically assigned a serial number as soon as inventory arrives. Once your suppressor arrives in our shop, we will begin your transfer paperwork.

Subscribe for a silencer specific notification


If a product page indicates that the item is out of stock, there will be an option to subscribe to that product’s inventory status. This DOES NOT subscribe you to our weekly newsletter with incredible promotions, but you should already be subscribed to that anyway (if you're not, drop your email in the subscribe box at the bottom of this page!). What this DOES do, is gives you the insider information on when a product is back in stock or available for backorder. Either way, these products tend to be popular and we do have a lot of customers signing up for notifications. This list is also on a first-come first-served basis, so be vigilant folks!

Reach out to your Local Gun Store

As a distributor, Silencer Shop has worked hard to partner up with local gun stores around the nation. While we may not have the inventory in our stock, check your Local Powered By Silencer Shop Dealer to see if they may have what you’re looking for. The suppressor of your dreams might be closer to you than you thought!

We know 2020 has been an interesting year, not without its own plot twists (and viruses). With the ability to shop online, social distancing ain’t got nuthin on your suppressor purchasing, and we’re working hard to fulfill your silencer needs as quickly as possible.

And don’t forget! We have a dedicated team filled with customer service professionals standing by ready to answer your calls (512.931.4556) and emails.