Five SIG Sauer Firearms Innovations For 2022 Silencer ShopFive SIG Sauer Firearms Innovations For 2022 Silencer Shop

Five SIG Sauer Firearms Innovations For 2022

SIG Sauer designs and produces a variety of firearms and related products from ammo to optics to suppressors. You may know SIG for their iconic pistols, such as the SIG  P226 and the P229. SIG also dominates the semi-automatic rifle market with the MCX Virtus,  polymer pistols with the P320 and P365 lines, and bolt action rifles with the SIG Cross. In addition to these firearms innovations, SIG also manufactures a full range of centerfire ammunition, electro-optics, and gun suppressors. Let’s take a look at the top 5 SIG Sauer products available in 2022.

1. SIG MCX SPEAR: Next Generation Squad Weapon

After five years of testing and evaluation, on April 19, 2022, the U.S. Army declared SIG Sauer the winner of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract competition. Considered to be the largest small arms evaluation program and contract award since the M-16, the SIG MCX-SPEAR is chambered in 6.8 x 51 and will be the Army’s new rifle and squad automatic weapon. Earlier this year, SIG released a limited edition civilian version of the MCX-SPEAR chambered in 277 FURY. Now that SIG is the official winner of the NGSW competition, it’s likely that additional versions of the MCX-SPEAR rifles will be released.

What is the MCX SPEAR? A larger and more substantial version of the MCX Virtus that is chambered in 6.8 x 51mm as requested by the Army’s NGSW program. Sig’s Spear uses AR-10 magazines, AR-style controls, a side charging handle, and completely ambidextrous features such as the magazine release and bolt catch lever. Revolutionizing firearms throughout the industry, SIG Sauer has made owning a civilian version of the U.S. Army’s newest rifle a possibility for many Americans. How much does a SIG MCX-spear cost? This special-edition rifle has a suggested retail price of $7,999 and includes two 20-round magazines.

2. Upgrading the SIG MCX Virtus pistols, carbines and rifles.

The SIG MCX and the SIG MCX Virtus are joined by a new version of the platform that is lighter, allows for the use of standard AR-15 triggers, and adds the 7.62x39 cartridge to the previous 5.56mm and 300 BLK offerings. Operating on a short stroke piston action with a two position gas adjustment, the MCX Virtus is built to be shot suppressed. Like the AR-15, the MCX-Virtus uses a NATO standardized STANAG magazine for the 5.56mm and 300 BLK versions and the same magazines used in AR-15 7.62x39 magazines. And with familiar controls like the safety, bolt release, and magazine release, users can take full advantage of an updated platform with easy and simple operations. 

3. SIG Sauer SLX Suppressor: Reducing blowback

If you are looking for a durable suppressor from one of the most battle-tested brands, you’ve found it in the  SIG SLX Suppressor. By attaching the SIG SLX suppressor to your host firearm, you can dramatically reduce blowback in semi-automatic platforms. This SIG silencer was designed with military requirements in mind and the SLX silencer will direct toxic gasses away from your face. Available in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers, the SLX suppressors are available in direct thread models or with SIG’s new Clutch-LOK quick detach system. Made with the super alloy Inconel, each chambering of SLX suppressors is available in either a standard or a compact length. These groundbreaking  SIG suppressors are made with additive manufacturing (3D Printing) processes that allow for internal designs, which are manufacturing innovations beyond traditional machining. 

4. SIG Sauer SLH Suppressor: Maximizing Sound Reduction 

If you’re wondering which suppressor is the quietest, the new SIG SLH suppressor is built for ultimate sound reduction.  Like its SLX counterpart, this SIG Sauer suppressor was created with an innovative manufacturing processes and is also available with either a direct thread or Clutch-LOK QD attachment systems. This SIG 762 suppressor can be your’s in either Inconel alloy or titanium, the latter of which will save weight. For your 300BLK, the SIG SLH is optimized for ultra-quiet shooting with subsonic ammunition. Sig SLH suppressors are available in standard or compact length(s).

5. Taming high chamber pressure with SIG Hybrid Case Ammunition

Whether you are hunting, training, or just plinking, you need reliable and performance-based ammunition, so you should add SIG Sauer ammunition (SIG ammo) to your arsenal.  SIG has taken its ammunition production to the next level with hybrid cases, which are made of both brass and steel. SIG has designed the hybrid case with a steel case head area for added strength while preserving the softer brass for reliable chambering. Traditional fully brass-cased rounds are limited by the strength of the case head area and this can be problematic because chamber pressures rise in calibers (such as the SIG 277 Fury) and these brass casings are unable to withstand the added force. The Sig Hybrid Case is a cartridge that can withstand more than twice the pressure of traditional brass cases. What is the official ammo of the U.S. Army?  SIG’s hybrid case 6.8 cartridge is the official ammunition of the U.S. Army and it’s available to civilians in the form of the 277 Fury. Is Sig Sauer made in the USA? “SIG Sauer is an American company, and our firearms are 100 percent manufactured in the USA,” said Tom Taylor, SIG Sauer's Chief Marketing Officer from the company’s HQ in Exeter, NH.


SIG Sauer has many new products announced for 2022 like the new and innovative SLX and SLH suppressors that were engineered through a 3D Printing process.  There is also the Army’s new rifle, the  MCX Spear, and new upgrades to the already existing  MCX Virtus line of firearms. Also new for 2022 is SIG's new hybrid ammunition. And beyond this summary, you may be thinking: What is the newest SIG gun? Sig’s newest firearm is based on the popular striker-fired P320 platform. Also new from the SIG Custom Works: is the SIG Sauer P320 AXG Equinox, this 9mm caliber combines a stainless steel frame and slide. The SLX and SLH suppressors from Sig Sauer are available now and with ATF eForm 4s Powered By Silencer Shop, how long does it take to get a suppressor tax stamp? You could get your ATF tax stamp in an estimated 90 days with Silencer Shop.


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