The Best Pistol Suppressor

With so many great pistol suppressors on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for you.


That’s why the experts here at Silencer Shop have put together our list of the Top 5 Best Pistol Suppressors of 2023. We’ve based this on our extensive experience and testing, along with feedback from thousands of customer reviews.


This list should have you pointed in the right direction, but don’t hesitate to reach out to the helpful team at any time for more information!

Top 5 Best Pistol Silencers



Rugged Obsidian 9

Rugged Obsidian 45

Dead Air Wolfman

SilencerCo Omega 9K



Long: 7.8”

Short: 4.85”

Long: 8.6”

Short: 6.7”

Long: 7.5”

Short: 5.13”




Long:12.7 oz 

Short: 8.7 oz

Long: 12.8 oz
Short:10.7 oz

Long: 14.4 oz 

Short: 9.8 oz

7.3 oz

10.7 oz 







Build Materials

17-4 SS baffles and mount, aluminum tube

stainless steel; aluminum

Fully welded 17-4 SS

Fully welded Cobalt 6 and 17-4 SS

Fully welded 17-4 SS


Black or FDE Cerakote











Caliber Rating

9mm full-auto, 300 BLK subsonic, 9x39, 350 Legend (16”+ barrel)

.300BLK (Subsonic), 10mm, .45ACP, .350 Legend, .450 Bushmaster

9mm, 5.56, 300 BLK, 7.62×39, 350 Legend, 357 Magnum

9mm, 300 BLK

Bored for 9mm, rated for up to 308 Winchester power levels


Thread Pitch 

1/2x28 booster assembly

Booster Assembly,
.578×28 Piston

1/2x28 direct thread. Fits all Dead Air P-Series mounts

Compatible with Alpha mounts. Ships with 5/8x24 direct thread mount, booster assembly (no piston), and 3-Lug tool

HUB mount 1.375x24 universal base threads. Ships with 1/2x28 direct thread mount

Full Auto Rated


Belt Fed Rated




1. Rugged Obsidian 9

rugged obsidian 9rugged obsidian 9

The Rugged Obsidian 9 is the first 9mm suppressor on our list because it’s truly great in just about every way. With industry-leading sound suppression and minimal blowback thanks to its gas-sealed, non-slotted piston design, it sounds and runs great on any 9mm pistol or carbine.


Thanks to its durable, keyed, gas-sealing baffles machined from 17-4 stainless steel, the Obsidian 9 is belt-fed full-auto rated on 9mm and can also handle some rifle calibers such as 300 BLK, 9x39, and 350 Legend with relevant barrel length restrictions.


This modular suppressor can quickly and easily transform from its full length of 7.8 inches down to a compact 4.85 inches. This allows the Obsidian 9 to transform between an ideal pistol suppressor to an ideal carbine suppressor, or to match your size and weight requirements with your intended use and preferences.



  • Top performer
  • Modular
  • Durable

Durable, modular design allows it to suppress pistols, PCCs, and even rifles of varying calibers. Plus it sounds and looks great.

2. Rugged Obsidian 45

rugged obsidian 45rugged obsidian 45

The Rugged Obsidian 45 builds upon the legacy of the Rugged Obsidian 9, but can suppress larger calibers like 10mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, .45-70 Gov’t, and more. It’s one of the quietest 45 ACP suppressors on the market, and it still sounds great on 9mm.


Plus that large bore diameter and stout design provide a ton of versatility!


The Obsidian has supreme durability, it is belt-fed rated for pistol calibers up to 45ACP. The  17-4 stainless steel construction, allows the Obsidian 45 to handle some calibers such as 300 BLK, 9x39, 350 Legend, .45-70 Gov’t, and more with relevant barrel length restrictions. This one suppressor can silence most firearms in your collection.


This modular suppressor can quickly and easily transform from its full length of 8.6 inches down to a very compact 6.7 inches. This allows the Obsidian45 to transform between an ideal pistol suppressor to an ideal carbine suppressor, or to match your size and weight requirements with your intended use and preferences. It’s a little longer and a little heavier than the Obsidian9, but it pays you back with its additional caliber capability.



  • Top performer
  • Modular
  • Highly versatile

Durable, modular design allows it to suppress pistols, PCCs, and even rifles of varying calibers up to .45-70 Gov’t. Plus it sounds and looks great.

3. Dead Air Wolfman

Dead Air WolfmanDead Air Wolfman

Dead Air’s Wolfman is a different kind of beast.


This fully-welded, 17-4 stainless steel suppressor was designed for submachine gun use, but is adaptable to many other applications as well. 


The Wolfman’s modular design allows the user to easily convert it from a full length of 7.5 inches down to a short length of 5.13 inches. Its mounting system is compatible with all of Dead Air’s P-Series of mounts, opening up many options from direct thread mounts in multiple thread pitches to KeyMo and Xeno QD systems, 3-Lug mounts, pistol boosters, and more.


It’s larger in diameter than your typical pistol suppressor, but the Wolfman still runs and sounds great. You can slap it on a 5.56 carbine, a 300 Blackout, or a 7.62x39 and run it like a standard rifle silencer. And it’s full-auto rated on 9mm, of course.


The Dead Air Wolfman is extremely versatile!



  • Extremely versatile on many types of firearms
  • Many mount and front cap options
  • Modular

Suppressing many different carbines, subguns, and pistols. Lots of utility and value in its capabilities and modularity. Ideal for an owner who wants to suppress pistols sometimes, but it isn’t the primary purpose of the silencer.

4. SilencerCo Omega 9K

SilencerCo Omega 9kSilencerCo Omega 9k

The SilencerCo Omega 9K is a unique suppressor that carved out a fresh niche in the market when it was released. This compact, lightweight silencer is made of fully-welded Cobalt 6 and 17-4 stainless steel, making it extremely tough and durable. It’s rated not only for full-auto use on 9mm but also for use on both subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackout.


Compatible with SilencerCo Alpha series mounts, the Omega 9K ships with a 5/8x24 fixed mount (for 300 BLK firearms), a booster assembly minus the piston (pick up pistons separately in the thread pitches you require), and a 3-Lug tool should you grab a 3-Lug QD mount for use on MP5s and other submachine guns.


This is a great suppressor for self/home-defense pistols, PDWs, and subguns in 9mm or 300 Blackout.



  • Durable for hard use
  • Very compact
  • Swappable mounts

Achieving “hearing safe” sound levels with a minimum in added length or weight, yet the durability for full-auto and 300 BLK use.

5. YHM R9


The YHM R9 is a lightweight, extremely compact 9mm suppressor that’s made from fully-welded 17-4 stainless steel.


Due to its tough construction, it’s rated for far more than 9mm, though! The R9 is good to go on 300 Blackout, 223/5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 350 Legend, and even 308 Winchester on a 16-inch or longer barrel. Pretty impressive!


Taking advantage of caliber ratings like that requires an adaptable mounting system, and sure enough the YHM R9 is threaded at its base in the universal 1.375x24 HUB mount pattern. This opens up mounting options from dozens of manufacturers, including direct thread, QD systems, 3-Lug, pistol boosters, and more.


Obviously, this is a ton of utility from a little “9mm” suppressor, but even more surprising is the highly affordable price point. Furthermore, it sounds great on 9mm, 300 BLK, and more! This is a great little suppressor at an awesome price.



  • Tons of utility
  • Very affordable
  • Super compact

9mm PCCs, subguns, and pistols, plus 300 Blackout and other carbines and rifles from 17 HMR up to 308 Winchester. At a great price.

Honorable Mention

JK 105 CCX 9

JK Armament’s JK 105 CCX 9mm absolutely required an honorable mention here, as it has created a brand new category in the world of 9mm suppression. This is the first 9mm silencer designed for concealed carry and self-defense use that employs a modern baffle design. It’s fully modular like the Q ERECT9R, but thanks to its all-aluminum construction and insanely light 2.5-ounce weight in its full configuration, it runs reliably without the use of a booster at all! 


With a 1.05-inch diameter, the JK 105 CCX 9MM doesn’t even require suppressor sights. This is a very unique silencer that’s so dang small and lightweight you won’t even know its there, yet it’s “hearing safe” when run with a small amount of petroleum jelly applied inside of the baffles.

Q Erector 9 FDE

The Q Erector 9, also known as the ERECT9R, is the shortest, longest, and possibly quietest 9mm pistol silencer on the market. That’s because it’s fully modular. And we mean fully. Every single one of the Erector 9’s nine aluminum baffles can be removed, all the way down to running the front cap directly on top of the stainless steel blast baffle.


In its full configuration with all baffles in use, the ERECT9R is 8.7 inches long and weighs 8.1 ounces. Each baffle removed eliminates 0.34 ounces until you’re down to front-cap-on-blast-baffle, which weighs 5.0 ounces. In our experience, “hearing safe” on a 9mm pistol begins at around three baffles attached on top of the blast baffle, a compact setup that weighs in at just 6.03 ounces.

All of this modularity allows you to precisely tune the length and sound suppression desired for your specific firearm and use. Even in its full length, because the majority of its weight is in the booster assembly, the Q Erector 9 feels extremely nimble and scarcely changes the balance of your pistol, while also being one of the quietest 9mm silencers on the market.


Our Top 5 Best Pistol Suppressors list covers the gamut of silencer styles available to suppress your handguns, carbines, subguns, and much more. We hope this rundown helps you make an informed choice! If you have any questions, reach out to the team at Silencer Shop any time.