• Explore the top Glock models for suppression, focusing on the Glock 19, 43X, 44, and 21, and their unique advantages. 
  • Understand the benefits of adding a suppressor to your Glock, such as hearing protection, recoil reduction, and enhanced shooting enjoyment.
  • Learn the essentials of suppressing a Glock, including the need for a threaded barrel and a pistol booster assembly.
  • Discover the best silencers for each Glock model, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance. 

Best Glock for Suppression 

Handguns are the most commonly purchased firearm in America. Glock is at the top of the list of pistols Americans choose for protection, training, and everyday carrying. 


While Glock proudly touts "Glock perfection," what if there was a way to make them even perfect-er? Adding a silencer to your favorite handgun is a fantastic upgrade that will: 

  • Save your hearing 
  • Reduce recoil 
  • Put a smile on your face with every pull of the trigger 


While Glock models have many similarities, there are advantages to each that make some Glock pistols better suppressor hosts than others.  


Let's discuss the best Glock for suppression, how certain models handle being suppressed, which silencers work best for each, and why you may choose one model over another. 


Suppressing a Glock, regardless of model, requires a threaded barrel, allowing you to attach a suppressor.


9mm silencers for Glocks also require a pistol booster assembly, which allows the handgun to cycle reliably with a suppressor attached. Thanks to the extensive aftermarket for Glocks, Glock threaded barrels are ubiquitous. Many high-quality options are accurate and allow you to securely equip your favorite handgun with a silencer. 

Table of Contents

Suppressing a Glock 19




The standard. Tons of available parts. 

All-around use, from the shooting range to training to everyday carry.  

It's appropriate for fun, concealed carry, and tactical/duty use. If you only own one pistol, a Glock 19 is a top choice. 

Extremely reliable and easy to shoot. 

Great balance when shooting suppressed. 

The Glock 19 is the most popular handgun in the country, if not the world. 


This is great because quality parts are available from dozens of manufacturers, so finding an excellent threaded barrel, suppressor height sights, extended magazines, improved triggers, and oh-so-much more is easy.   


Also, every single pistol suppressor manufacturer will have verified the proper function of their pistol silencer on the Glock 19, specifically. If the silencer is made for a 9mm pistol, you can rest assured that it will run on your G19.  


A Glock 19 is small enough to carry concealed and large enough to shoot easily on the range/training.


This makes it the best for all-around use. Its compact barrel also performs well when shooting subsonic 9mm ammo, like 147gr, which allows the Glock 19 to be incredibly quiet while being shot suppressed.   


Most of the above also applies to the slightly larger Glock 17 and larger-still Glock 34. The G17 is a full-size version of the G19, so it's harder to conceal carry, but its popularity means there are plenty of threaded barrel options.  


The G34 was designed with competition shooting in mind and has an extended slide version of the G17. These models also suppress very well, with the same silencer models.  


Three solid 9mm silencer choices that are great on a Glock 19 include:  

Rugged Obsidian9

The Rugged Obsidian 9 is a fan favorite and even took the top spot on our Best 9mm Silencers of 2023 list. It is tough yet lightweight and modular. This extremely quiet, versatile silencer can be shot in the short- and long-configuration. It's also rated for 300 Blackout and is easy to clean. 

SilencerCo Omega 9K 

The SilencerCo Omega 9K gives you big performance in a small package. It is less than 5" long and weighs about 7oz, so it won't weigh down your Glock or make it unwieldy. The Omega 9K is optimized for pistols and subguns, and is even rated for 300BLK subsonic rounds.   

Q Erector 9

 Fully modular Q Erector 9 allows the user to size the suppressor baffle-by-baffle. This allows the shooter to choose the balance of length, weight, and sound suppression that's right for the task at hand. It's a very cool-looking, ultra-modern silencer with excellent sound suppression for your p

Suppressing a Glock 43X 



Extremely compact and lightweight. 

Ideal for everyday carry, it can easily be carried on-person or in a bag. Its small size makes it easy to conceal, but you still get Glock reliability.  

Tiny, yet still shootable and accurate. 

Lots of aftermarket support. 

The Glock 43X is easy to conceal carry with its diminutive footprint and slim width. The Glock 43 is even more compact and concealable due to its slightly shorter grip length. Both suppress equally well; the aftermarket has responded with plenty of threaded barrel options.  


The G43X and G43 are very skinny and small, so we recommend smaller, lighter suppressors to match. This may mean a suppressor that's also modular to allow the end user to choose its length.  


Three great silencer choices for a G43X and G43 are:  

JK Armament 105 CCX  

JK's suppressors are Mission Configurable, meaning the end user can remove and reinstall each baffle to balance length and weight with the desired sound suppression level. The JK 105 CCX is one of the smallest, lightest 9mm silencers on the market and is designed for concealed carry. It's so lightweight that it runs reliably without a booster, even in its longest configuration. A 105 CCX is an awesome match for a sub-compact pistol.  


A top performer on any 9mm, the YHM R9 is always in our top recommendations. It's quiet and rated for use on 300 Blackout and uses a HUB mount to allow easy attachment to your favorite pistol, rifle, or sub-gun.  

Dead Air Odessa 9

Dead Air's Odessa 9 is a fully modular silencer allowing the owner to use 1 to 10 baffles. The Odessa 9's skinny 1.1-inch diameter makes it a good fit on a skinny, sub-compact pistol, and it will stay out of the way of your sight picture, even with factory iron sights installed. It's an excellent choice for the G43/G43X, because it can run long for use on the range and short for concealed carry. 

Suppressing a Glock 44 (22 LR) 




Inexpensive ammo. 

Practice, training, teaching beginner shooters, and a ton of fun on the shooting range. 

Super quiet when suppressed. 

Great practice for a centerfire Glock pistol. 


Glock's first 22 LR pistol, the Glock 44, was instantly popular as a trainer for Glock's centerfire pistols. With the same controls, trigger feel, and ergonomics, shooters can practice and learn on a low-recoil, budget-friendly gun and then take all those skills right over to your EDC or competition gun.  


With a fixed barrel and rimfire ammunition, the Glock 44 is extremely quiet and reliable when suppressed. Thanks to its short barrel length compared to a 22 LR rifle, most 22 LR ammunition is subsonic out of the G44, meaning specialty ammo isn't required to be extra quiet.  


Both Glock and multiple aftermarket companies make threaded replacement barrels for the G44. Look for one with a 1/2x28 thread adapter, the standard size for rimfire silencers.  


Three great silencer choices for the G44 include:

Dead Air Mask   

Made from 17-4 stainless steel and titanium, the Dead Air Mask is a hard-use rimfire silencer that's rated for calibers making up to 850 ft-lbs of energy. It's straightforward to disassemble and clean and is known for having no first-round pop and for being one of the quietest rimfire suppressors on the market. It's a great choice for all of your small-caliber suppression needs.  

Rugged Oculus22  

The Rugged Oculus rimfire suppressor is modular and can be quickly and easily converted between short and long configurations. It is incredibly quiet and compliments the Glock 44 well. The Oculus22 has 17-4 stainless steel baffles and is ideal for harder use, including with more powerful cartridges (5.7x28mm, etc.) or long plinking sessions at the range.

JK Armament 105 RFX 22

Like all of JK's suppressors, the JK 105 RFX is fully modular and can run with only a single baffle or all baffles installed. This modularity also makes them easy to clean. They're super compact, lightweight, and quiet. The RFX has 9-baffles, including one heavy-duty baffle, ready to rock on the range. 

Suppressing a Glock 21 (45 ACP) 



Large caliber, great energy 

Duty use and home defense for shooters who prefer the larger, heavier 45 ACP caliber but don’t want to be limited by the single-digit capacity of a 1911. 

45 ACP is natively subsonic 

Aftermarket support and customization 


 A full-size Glock, the G21 holds 13 rounds of big ol' 45 ACP in its standard magazine. That's a whole lot more than the seven rounds of a typical 1911 mag! Built on the biggest frame Glock makes, the Glock 21 maintains good balance even with a larger suppressor, and it's a reliable, solid suppressor host.  


If you're looking to shoot some big bore, grab a threaded barrel for your G21 and a great suppressor for it, like one of these three:  

Rugged Obsidian 45 

Modular, strong, yet still lightweight, the Obsidian45 is a fantastic suppressor backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. It's easy to clean and rated for use on tons of calibers, allowing it to suppress more than just your favorite Glock.

Dead Air Ghost-M

Super quiet, modular, and capable of using a wipe in the front cap, the Dead Air Ghost-M is one of the leading 45-caliber pistol suppressors on the market, and for a good reason. It's rated for any caliber that'll fit through its bore, producing 850 ft-lbs of energy or less. It sounds great on 45ACP Glocks and runs reliably without the need to tune and tinker with your pistol.

SilencerCo Omega 45K 

Compact, lightweight, and made from fully welded 17-4 stainless steel, the SilencerCo Omega 45K is extremely durable. It sounds awesome on big bore Glocks and won't weigh down your pistol. The Omega 45K will hold up to any use you can throw at it, including with 300 Blackout and more. 


The best Glock to suppress is the one that matches your intended use: 

  • Concealed Carry 
  • Tactical Training 
  • Competition
  • Plinking on the range  

Choosing the right Glock model for suppression comes down to understanding the unique characteristics of each model and how they complement the addition of a silencer. Whether you prioritize versatility, concealability, cost-effectiveness, or firepower, there's a Glock model perfectly suited to your needs. Equipping your Glock with a high-quality suppressor not only enhances your shooting experience by reducing noise and recoil but also protects your hearing and adds an element of pleasure to every pull of the trigger.