Range Time Report: Barrett AM30

Sound suppression is only one metric by which suppressors are measured. While the AM suppressors do offer world class decibel reduction, they also take into consideration other critical factors such as accuracy, point of impact shift, weight, and flash reduction.

The AM suppressors are made of a lightweight, high strength Titanium alloy, which is 100% CNC machined and orbital welded to minimize weight without sacrificing durability. The suppressor bore is precision machined for perfect concentricity to ensure rifle accuracy is not compromised and point of impact shift is both minimal and repeatable every time. Last but not least, for military and law enforcement customers, these suppressors are specifically engineered and tested to eliminate muzzle flash—even in low light environments. The AM30 quickly attaches to a recoil-reducing Barrett muzzle brake for the ultimate in simplicity. With the AM30, rest assured that your rounds will be on target when it counts.