advanced armament suppressors available at silencer shop wideadvanced armament suppressors available at silencer shop wide

What happened to AAC suppressors?

Legendary in the firearms community, Advanced Armament Company (formerly known as Advanced Armament Corporation) is known for continually improving and manufacturing highly effective suppressors available at Silencer Shop. As the leader in the NFA industry, Silencer Shop is your resource for information and purchasing AAC suppressors. In this blog, you’ll learn about AAC’s storied history and the latest lineup of AAC silencers for sale: these include the Jaeger 30, Halycon, and AAC Ti-Rant 45M suppressors. How long does it take to get a tax stamp for a suppressor? Silencer Shop customers have received approval for their tax stamp in as fast as 7 days and per the ATF, eForm 4 for your NFA item is expected to be approved in 90 days. 

The Origins of Advanced Armament Corporation

Founded in 1994, AAC was one of the first firearms manufacturers to create awareness for private citizens and suppressors ownership. Previously, many Americans considered silencers to be  firearms accessories used by the military during combat, and that time time, purchaisng a suppressor for a civiilian was not common. AAC was an important company that changed that mindset. If you’re looking for a suppressor for your host ranging from 22 LR through .50 BMGAAC, Silencer Shop will have the AAC suppressor for you. Note, in 2022 AAC rebranded from Advanced Armament Corporation to Advanced Armament Company.

Why Should You Chose Advanced Armament Suppressors

If you’re looking for a suppressor that is robust with features, competitively priced, and has a limited lifetime warranty, you should certainly consider an Advanced Armament Suppressor. Advanced Armament Company is a leader in the development of suppressor technology and consistently receives positive reviews from customers and gun industry experts.

firing aac suppressors silencer shopfiring aac suppressors silencer shop

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AAC Jaeger 30 Suppressor

One of the best .30 caliber silencers is the AAC Jaeger 30. The Jaeger is a lightweight suppressor that's affordable and weighs just 13.9 ounces and built of titanium and aluminum. Designed for precision shooting,  AAC’s Jaeger 30 is a versatile 7.62 suppressor and one of the best suppressors for hunting. This Advanced Armament suppressor provides optimal sound suppression, with approximately 32 dB of sound reduction.


AAC Halcyon Suppressor

New to Silencer Shop in 2022 will be one of the best modular rimfire suppressors: the Advanced Armament Halcyon. The Halycon is quiet, compact, and lightweight and rated for use with 5.7x28 ammunition and full-auto rated on .22 LR. Get maximum performance and versatility with the ability to switch between both full (5.28 in) and compact (3.41 in)  configurations. These two lengths can be yours with only one tax stamp when you choose the AAC Halycon.

AAC Ti-Rant 45M Suppressor

Advanced Armament’s classic Ti-Rant 45 will be the new and improved Ti-Rant 45M. Available in 2022, this 45 ACP suppressor from AAC is a modular pistol silencer that easily converts from it's full length of 9 inches to a compact length of just 6.9 inches. What is the AAC Ti-Rant 45M made of? Adaptable and durable, the 45M, is made of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. When you chose the Ti-Rant 45M, you’ll have a silencer that effectively suppresses any pistol caliber through the .45 cal bore plus 300 Blackout subsonic ammunition.

AAC Suppressor Warranty Information

AAC suppressors and parts manufactured on 11/1/2021 are covered by AAC’s limited lifetime warranty. For appliable silencers, AAC will, free of charge to the consumer, repair or replace the suppressor or suppressor parts that have a defect in build or composition. For the lifetime of the suppressor or suppressor part, the warranty is transferrable. If you're wondering where to send an AAC suppressor for warranty repair, please visit ACC’s website for additional details, as well as information for suppressors manufactured before 11/1/2021. T


If you’re looking for lightweight, durable suppressors for your pistol, rimfire, or .30 caliber firearm, check out the lineup of Advanced Armament Company suppressors at Silencer Shop. This legendary firearms manufacturer has updated and improved for 2022 and when shopping AAC at Silencer Shop, you’ll experience silencer ownership, simplified.