1. How to Buy a Silencer as a U.S. Resident While Out of The Country

    If you’re temporarily living overseas or don’t have easy access to one of the Silencer Shop Kiosks, it may come as a surprise that you can still go through the application process to purchase a suppressor (assuming of course that you can still claim residency in a state that allows for (..)
  2. How To Remove An A2 Flash Hider

    How to Remove an A2 Muzzle Device & How to Install a New Muzzle Device With a bonus tip on how to time them! As most of you know already, we like to indulge in all things NFA. But when it comes to getting a new silencer for your firearm, there’s potentially one more step standing in (..)
  3. Buying A Silencer - A Client's Journey

    When you search the Internet for "how to buy a silencer" or "how a Silencer Shop kiosk works," there is a lot of information – and unfortunately, a lot of misinformation. Google is a wonderful venue to learn new things or to laugh at cat memes. Whatever your prerogative, when you search for "(..)
  4. How To Sell A Silencer

    Selling a silencer to a private party isn’t like selling other items lying around your house. Although we wish it was that easy, it isn’t a same-day type of transaction. Just like it was a process for you to acquire it, there is a procedure in place to sell it, and it still includes a (..)
  5. How To Buy A Silencer

    The silencer was invented in 1902, but the process of acquiring one doesn’t have to be that antiquated. In an era where people have more conversations with their phone’s user face (ahem, Siri) than actual people some days, the ability to digitally apply for class 3 items has been (..)
  6. How To Use Your Customer Account

    We’ve all been there – waiting on hold for hours, but it’s actually only been 3 minutes. Whether in silence or with maddening elevator music, it’s easy to get frustrated waiting on someone else to answer a simple question or give a quick status update. We’re happy to (..)
  7. How To Clean My Silencer

    Since we’ve already answered the Should I Clean My Silencer? query, now we can tackle the fun part: How to clean a suppressor. If you own a rimfire or a pistol can, this writeup is calling your name. As for you higher caliber suppressor owners (e.g., 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and large bore), you know(..)
  8. Say Goodbye To CLEO Certification Signatures

    Although the recent implementation of ATF 41F was generally met with disdain throughout the suppressor community, not every aspect of the rule change is hellfire! And even with the new steps included, our S.I.D. Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App initiatives provide a paperless, convenient process (..)
  9. How to Sell Your Used Silencer

    Have you ever wondered about selling your used silencer to a private party? If you've owned guns for any amount of time - you know that used firearms are often in high demand.  As a result, the market is healthy for these firearms and you can often get as much (or more) than you originally (..)
  10. How do Silencers Impact Blowback?

    When you first start learning about silencers, one of the terms you'll start seeing tossed around is 'blowback'. In this article we're going to explain: What blowback is How different weapons are impacted How to prevent it from causing problems Keep in mind that many modern suppressors (..)
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