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Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62



The Surge 7.62 from the boys at Rugged Suppressors out in South Carolina is the first - truly modular - 30 caliber rifle silencer to hit the market.  Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak teamed up in 2014 with a collective “boat load” of experience in both the suppressor industry and modern machining processes.  With Henry at the CNC and Michael on the phones, they set out to make a splash in the industry with a simple concept in mind:  To create innovative and superior products made by gun guys, for gun guys.  The kind of silencer that you would bring home to meet your mother.

The word “modular” gets thrown around quite a bit.  When we say this thing is “truly modular,” that is what we mean.  The Surge introduces Rugged’s ADAPT Modular Technology that lets you change the size and configuration of your silencer with ease.  Not only does it have a removable section of the tube (allowing you to go from a full-size 9” silencer to a short 7.5”) it is also a solid performer on sound. 

Add an interchangeable 5.56 or 7.62 end cap and muzzle devices for both calibers and you end up getting 4 silencers in one:

  1. A 9 inch .30 caliber silencer rated up to .300 Remington Ultra Mag

  2. A 7.5 inch .30 caliber silencer rated for the same but shorter and lighter

  3. A 9 inch 5.56 silencer that will perform as well if not better than any other product

  4. A 7.5 inch 5.56 silencer for the times when weight matters more than sound performance

Whether you are just starting out in the silencer world or you are a crusty veteran stamp collector, the Surge takes the guess work out of the equation.  When you want to jump from your precision bolt-gun to your short-barreled pig slayer, there is no longer a need to spend twice the money (and pay Uncle Sam again).

What are the Critics Saying?


Please note, Surge and Razor suppressors are currently shipping from the factory with a 5/8x24 FLASH HIDER instead of the 3 port brake.

Rugged Surge Breakdown


Specification Information

Caliber Rating .300 RUM, .300BLK (subsonic), 6.8mm, 7.62x39, 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .300WM), 5.56mm (.223), 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .300WM)
Color Black
Length 9"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 21 oz
Finish High Temperature Cerakoteā„¢
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer Rugged Suppressors
Minimum Barrel Length 556 7"
Minimum Barrel Length 300BLK 7"
Minimum Barrel Length 762 NATO 12"
Minimum Barrel Length Magnum 16" for 300WM and 18" for 300RUM
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel, Stellite

In the shortened configuration:

Length: 7.5"

Weight: 17.5oz




12 Reviews For Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62

  • Andrew3/10/2017

    Awesome can. Lockup is tight and does not loosen up. Very well made and sound reduction is great. Highly recommend.

  • Paul1/24/2017

    I finally got my surge 762 I only have this suppressor and have never had one before but I love this thing. I have multiple attachment devices so I can run it on several hosts. I have an 11.5" .223, a 10.5" .300 black out and a Ruger RPR in 6.5 creed. I have used it on all of them and it performs great. The blackout with 220 subs is ridiculous. The .223 is louder but still seems hearing safe. I think the 6.5 is quieter than the .223. It is awesome. I know it is heavy and it changed my POI on the bolt gun about 3" at 100 but I think it is worth it for the rugged durability. Highly recommended

  • Addicted G12/10/2016

    I have several 30cal cans from various high end makers. Don't get me wrong I like the others but none of them even comes close to the db reduction and tone of the Surge. I have this mounted on a LWRC REPR SBR. Let me tell you shooting that REPR without a can is insane. With the Surge I can honestly shoot without hearing protection. I also put this on a LWRC PDW 556 with a 10" barrel. Long story short, if you're in the market for a 30cal can, I highly recommend the Surge. The versatility of the can is awesome! It's gonna be hard to beat this can.

  • Dean12/5/2016

    December 2,2016
    I received my form 4 and rushed down to the dealer that was holding for, all excited to see what it looks like on my weapon and the wrong muzzle break and wrong threaded attachment was sent in the box. Let me tell you after waiting 11.7 month and not be able to use it was a little crushing . I called silencer shop and they looked up my order and said the new one is the mail arrival (Dec5) come and gone once I receive the new and mount it my 308 I will add more of a product review.

  • AJ11/30/2016

    The Surge is an great suppressor. I have it mounted on a 300WSM and it tames the sound as well as the recoil. I purchased some strap wrenches on amazon so that I could unscrew the two sections. I couldn't get them apart by hand.
    Craftsman 2 pc 16'' Rubber Strap Wrench Set

  • Dan11/23/2016

    After a long and frustrating wait, I picked up my Suppressor from the dealer on 11/21. I had ordered the 5.56 flash hider and end cap previously from Silencer shop.
    Upon opening the box , I was a bit disappointed to find that I had recieved a 7.62 flash hider instead of the muzzle brake. (My can was purchased in Feb, shipped to dealer in April)
    This can is built like a tank! I attached my flashiders to a Ruger Ranch in 5.56, and one in 300 Blackout.
    It's abit heavy when shooting offhand, but easily manageable.
    The lockup of the can to the muzzle devices is excellent! Never came loose until I wanted to remove the can. I fired around 100 rounds of 5.56, 55 gr varmint loads first. Impressive sound reduction!
    Next I attached it to the 300 BO rifle. I fired around 50 115 gr supersonic reloads.
    I'm loving this! I decided it was time to see what this can could do with my subsonic reloads, both 220 gr and 115 gr.
    The 115 gr loads were quieter than a pellet gun!
    The 220 gr loads were just a tiny bit loader.
    I tried both with the adapt module installed and without. My ears couldn't tell much difference in sound.
    I really couldn't tell much difference in sound with the 5.56 endcap installed, versus the 7.62 cap when shooting 5.56. I decided to just keep the 7.62 cap on to prevent a mishap.
    Bottom line: This Can is impressive!
    Yes it could be lighter, but I think that would sacrifice some of the ratings this can has. Belt fed, full auto, indestructible etc...
    I do wish the muzzle devices would come down in price, and actually be available.
    $100 is a bit steep per device. I plan on putting the 7.62 flashhider on a 6.8 AR for hunting.
    The 5.56 flash hider that I purchased through SS has the Go/No Go markings.
    The 7.62 flash hider that came with the can does not.

  • Big mikes11/22/2016

    I like the surge so much I bout another one. I have about 15 suppressors now and I really like the rugged. The crew at rugged may be swamped with orders and may be behind on providing muzzle brakes for my other guns but they are worth the wait.

  • ShadowTX10/7/2016

    Exceeded my expectations.
    It is a little heavy but well built and works wonderfully.

  • Jim9/28/2016

    The second time I attempted to use my Surge I apparently did not lock it down properly with duel taper system and my Surge went flying down range.
    Of course, upon inspection, it damage to the baffles.
    I was bummed to say the least and the first thing that came to my mind was that "unconditional" lifetime warranty. To make matters worse I had a shoot I wanted to attend in a couple weeks.
    Sometimes companies will stand behind their products but make you feel like you just kicked their dog while doing so. Not so with Rugged. I sent an email off for repair and got a same day response from Andrea along with a UPS Shipping Return Label and instructions to include my Suppressor, tax stamp, and all muzzle devices. It was about a week later that I remembered I had the shoot to attend and emailed Andrea to see if I would have it in time. She said she would put a rush on it and try the best she could. In the meantime there was bad weather in their area (and mine) and a holiday. Despite all that, they got it fixed and were shipping it out but with the weekend it was going to arrive a day late. I sent another email asking if I could pay the difference for a faster shipping option but to my surprise they somehow upgraded the shipping in mid stream and it arrived the day before the shoot. WAHOO!
    The Surge looked like new and they included some of the newer style muzzle devices with the go/no-go markings so it will be a lot harder to make that same mistake again.
    They also sent some stickers that I proudly put on my range box.
    Thank you, Rugged! You have another very satisfied customer and I will remember you when I need another suppressor. In the meantime, I will suggest your company when I hear of anyone looking for a top notch suppressor with the customer service to match it.

  • Trace7/6/2016

    Have fired over 500 rounds of 5.56, 7.62 and 300 BO. This is my first can and it was recommended by Silencer Shop because I wanted a multiple caliber can. I am very pleased! I have used it to shoot out to 600 yards using 5.56 and 7.62 and the can has no negative effect on accuracy. Obviously you must zero firearm with the silencer on. Greatly reduced noise level while shooting all three of my calibers I was able to remove ear protection unless I was shooting fast. Last month when I introduced it to my wife who is my spotter, she asked me why I waited so long before I purchased one! Tremendously pleased but I am wanting to buy additional muzzle devices for the can but no one seems to have them. Next thing I would like to purchase from Rugged is a 9mm version for my pistols.

    Thanks for the recommendation Silencer Shop and thanks Rugged for a fantastic suppressor!

  • Dan6/9/2016

    Bought this can as my first with the intention of using it on multiple guns (308 and 5.56). I was amazed how it changed shooting my 308!!! Rubber tires were the backing a 100 yards down range for my targets and it took me a little while before i realized the smack was the bullet hitting the tires. Great fun. Quiet, much more significant recoil reduction than expected and the blast was hugely reduced. I love the versatility of this with the end cap options and length options. I'll check back after more rounds, but construction appears very sound! FYI....buy all the possible accessories you think you may need when ordering the suppressor!!! Now waiting on 556 adapter, ugh!

  • Tim7/14/2015

    This can is great! The first day I had this can I dropped my gun on concrete and it landed directly on the front edge of the can at the thinnest part. Scratched the Cerakote a little but no damage to the can at all. The end cap screws on an off without any hesitation. This thing is stout.
    The modularity (is that a word?) is pretty slick too. I mostly have been shooting in the short configuration. While its not movie quiet on my 7.62 AR it is very tolerable. Adding the extra 2 baffles does quieten it down even more.
    I have a few suppressors and none of them are close to offering the same overall package that this can does. Great design, sound, features and quality. Looking forward to other suppressors from Rugged Suppressors.

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Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62

SKU: Rugged Surge 762
"If I could only own one suppressor, it would be a Rugged Surge!"  -George Washington

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