Rugged R3 Flash Hiders

Rugged R3 FH -Multi
Flash Hiders for Rugged Surge/Razor Silencers
Rugged Suppressors Surge 5.56 R3 Flash Mitigation System Don't let the fancy sounding name fool you.  These are the Flash Hiders for the Rugged Surge and Razor silencers and man are they cool.  26% shorter and 30% lighter than most other competing designs, the R3's patent pending design interfaces with the unique Dual Taper Lock mounting system on the Surge silencer.  On top of the obvious silencer mount, they are also excellent at flash reduction utilizing the Tri-Jet technology and a "zero ring" snag free design.   Length: 1.9" Weight: 2.9oz   Note: The SCAR 17 FH is 2.5" long and indexes off of the muzzle to ... Read More
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Manufacturer Rugged Suppressors
Warranty Lifetime Warranty

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