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Rugged "Join, Or Die" Kit

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Just when you thought Rugged Suppressors couldn’t get any greater, they go and do something like this! By offering three of their most versatile and popular silencers in one complete package exclusive only to Silencer Shop Dealers, the Rugged team covers all of your can needs in a single stop. With only 25 of these select Join or Die kits available, time’s ticking on this purchase.

Headquartered in South Carolina, Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak teamed up to found Rugged Suppressors in 2014 with a simple goal: Create cutting-edge and superior firearm products made by gun guys, for gun guys. With a line of silencers that includes the Obsidian 45, the Surge 7.62, and the Razor 7.62, this crew continues to amaze. Speaking of those three units, here’s what’s including in this remarkable offer…

Obsidian 45

Rugged Suppressors announced their arrival to the silencer world with a resounding entrance. In 2015, they unveiled the Surge—the first truly modular .30 caliber rifle can—and it was an outstanding opening effort. Grasping that success (yet meticulously testing and evaluating every detail of their designs), they took the innovative traits from the Surge and applied them to the Razor. Thankfully, with their new advanced Obsidian design, they’ve now brought those same stellar characteristics to the pistol category.

Able to be run in either the full (8.7”) or shorter K (6.7”) configurations, this can’s versatility is unmatched. Being full-auto and belt-fed rated merely adds to its legendary suppressor status.

Surge 7.62

Again, the Surge 7.62 is the first truly modular .30 caliber rifle silencer to hit the market. The versatility offered by this can is something to behold. The word “modular” is often thrown around in the suppressor industry. However, when we say this unit is “truly modular,” that’s exactly the case. The Surge introduces Rugged’s ADAPT Modular Technology, which enables the shooter to change the size and configuration of the silencer with ease. Not only does it have a removable section of the tube (allowing you to go from a full-size 9” silencer to a shorter 7.5”), it also suppresses at an impressive clip.

Razor 7.62

The Rugged Suppressors Razor 7.62 unit derives many design features from its wildly successful big brother—the Surge 7.62—and incorporates them into a 6.4”, 15.3-ounce package. This can runs on the same Quick-Detach Dual-Taper Locking System muzzle devices as the Surge for maximum accuracy and repeatability. Moreover, it accepts the same interchangeable endcaps for use on 5.56mm and .30 caliber platforms. Most impressive of all, this silencer accomplishes truly amazing suppression levels (130 dB on .300BLK) to comparable silencers in its size/weight classification.

Why only buy one Rugged Suppressors unit when you can have more? We truly believe in the power of three. Besides, the sexy paint jobs alone should be enough to entice you!

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Rapid Fire

  • Belt-fed rated (each can)
  • Custom Cerakote with "Join, or Die" laser engraving
  • Finish: high-temp Cerakote™

What’s In the Case?

  • Tan portable, heavy-duty, lockable case protects contents of kit
  • R3 1/2x28 (5.56 mm) flash hider
  • R3 5/8x24 (7.62 mm) flash hider
  • 5.56mm endcap (For Surge/Razor) 
  • 9mm endcap (For Obsidian)
  • 1/2x28 piston
  • .578x28 piston
  • Proprietary takedown tools

Specification Information

Full-Auto Rated Belt Fed Rated
Manufacturer Rugged Suppressors
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
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Rugged "Join, Or Die" Kit


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