As a life-long gun owner, I got involved in buying NFA items (such as suppressors) in 2008. As with many suppressor owners, I found many benefits to shooting suppressed weapons.

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Some of the Biggest Benefits to Shooting Suppressed

  1. Reduced sound levels (often by more than a good set of muffs)
  2. Reduced recoil
  3. Virtually eliminates muzzle blast
  4. Makes faster follow-up shots possible
  5. Can increase accuracy
  6. Silencers make shooting safer and more enjoyable!
  7. Not only did I love shooting suppressed weapons; but, I found that my wife and kids enjoyed shooting more as well!

On my very first suppressor purchase, I realized that although the buying process itself isn’t complicated, a lot of the information that is available is both contradictory and incomplete. Every dealer seems to have different answers for the same questions.

Another problem is the instability of many Class 3 dealers who are just doing this as a hobby. Or other dealers who act like you somehow owe them your business – even though they talk down to you and don’t really answer your questions.

In 2010, I started Hill Country Class 3 with the goal of simplifying the NFA buying process and providing consistent, reliable support. Shortly thereafter, we went online with – as an outlet for information we were gathering, as well as for our online store.

From that moment forward, Silencer Shop has been a crazy ride!

Our goal with is to provide you with everything you need to make an informed suppressor purchase, from reviews and videos to the fastest shipping and lowest costs. In short, we want to be your one-stop suppressor shop!

With that goal in mind, we introduced our Silencer Shop Direct program in 2014, and followed up with our Powered By Silencer Shop program in 2015.  These programs allowed us to start processing customer paperwork in a consistent manner, and with no additional transfer fees, no matter where you live.

American Suppressor Association

Personally, I love shooting in pretty much any format. I like to plink at the range, shoot competitively, and take my kids hunting whenever possible. I’ve been shooting rifles my whole life (I got my first antelope when I was 10 with a 30/30 break-open rifle); but, I’m a fairly recent convert to the world of handguns – having just started shooting pistols in 2001. I’ll also admit to a certain addiction when it comes to “Black Rifles”.

Finally, I’m an NRA life member - as well as a member of the board of directors & huge supporter of the American Suppressor Association.  I strongly urge everybody who is interested in this industry at all to consider joining & supporting both groups.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat about suppressors, feel free to contact us!