Since 2010 Silencer Shop has made acquiring silencers a hassle-free experience. Now your business can leverage our catalog and expertise to grow your sales, simplify your business, and improve your customers' buying experience. Becoming a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer also opens you up to our Dealer Loyalty Rewards Program with fantastic benefits! Below are four reasons why you should participate in one of our innovative dealer programs:

  1. No website? No Problem.

    Silencers are something most customers will buy if they're available and accessible. Many customers want to browse diverse products and purchase on-line.

    We give you access to these customers by letting you sell directly on our website using the Buy-It-Local program. This program lets you set your own price or use our suggested price. We'll send you a check for the difference between what you sold it for and your dealer cost. This allows you to focus on cashing checks instead of managing inventory.

    Use our ready to go co-branded advertising to let your customers know you want to help make the world a quieter place.

  2. Let us take care of everything.

    Most dealers are frustrated with the laborious process of obtaining silencers. Filling out the NFA paperwork correctly and managing the lengthy transfer process can be daunting.

    Our Powered By program takes the pain out of the process by managing the Form 4 process for you from start to finish. You can boost your business and reduce your costs without increasing staff.  We've even added a tiered Loyalty Rewards Program that gives great incentives the more you sell! 

    We respond to changing forms and processes so you don't have to.

  3. Sell what you don't have.

    Building a diverse inventory can be time consuming and expensive, but managing a silencer inventory is nearly impossible.

    We take care of the inventory management issues for you. Selling direct from our inventory will increase your sales dramatically while lowering your overhead.

    Our exclusive products and promotions will keep your customers coming back for more.

  4. Expect happy satisfied customers.

    Buying a silencer is not a one size fits all experience.

    Our customer service representatives can help you and your customers select the best silencer, not just the newest or coolest one. Our selection of accessories will also help your customers complete their purchase.

    Happy satisfied customers will refer more business to you.


Powered By
Silencer Shop
Extremely competitive dealer pricing Included Included Included
Unmatched inventory availability Included Included Included
Access to Silencer Shop exclusive products and promotions Included Included Included
Track incoming transfers online Included Included Included
Option to appear in our Dealer Finder Included Included Included
No minimum purchases Included Included Included
Flexible payment terms for qualified buyers Included Included Included
You manage a Form 4473 when your customer picks up the item Included Included Included
You are responsible for the Form 4 transfer filing and paperwork Included Included  
Switch between Buy-It-Local and Powered By any time you like   Included Included
Sell direct from our inventory on   Included Included
We start the Form 3 transfer and let you know an item is on the way   Included Included
Set your own price or use our suggested price   Included Included
When the transfer arrives you get a check for the difference between the price you set and our dealer price   Included Included See Below
We are responsible for the Form 4 transfer filing and paperwork     Included
Enter into a tiered Loyalty Program that benefits you the more product that you sell Learn More...     Included
You appear on our site with the Powered logo letting customers know we handle the entire NFA process from beginning to end     Included
Included The check you receive is less $ 25 (at standard loyalty level) which covers our filing of the Form 4 transfer and paperwork



  • Buy-It-Local and Powered By dealers must electronically sign a Distribution Agreement which will be emailed to the account holder's email address.
  • New dealers can upload their FFL/SOT and sign up for an account right here!