Top 5 Dead air suppressorsTop 5 Dead air suppressors

Dead Air Silencers New Sierra-5 and Five Popular Dead Air Suppressors for 2022

Firearms enthusiasts applaud Dead Air Silencers as  “excellent…great quality from fit and finish to function.” Dead Air suppressors are proudly made in the USA and led by industry veterans Mike Pappas and Todd Magee, they guide a team that is intensely focused on the research and design at Dead Air’s headquarters in Kamas, Utah. In June 2022, Dead Air’s newest suppressor arrived: the Dead Air Sierra-5. In this writeup, we’ll cover the latest suppressor from Dead Air and 5 of their other awesome silencers for sound suppression and versatility.

Dead Air Sierra-5 

If you’re looking for one of the best 5.56 suppressors, the new in 2022, the Sierra-5 is Dead Air’s premiere silencer for your 5.56 firearm. A fantastic compact suppressor, the Sierra-5 is just 5 inches and 11 ounces; it’s excellent for any rifle or carbine. The durable design of this suppressor makes it capable of handling heavy firing schedules and without barrel length restrictions. 

The best overall performing suppressors are designed to work on a specific caliber, and that is what you’re getting with the Dead Air Sierra-5. Prior to its release, Dead Air fans used 7.62 silencers with interchangable endcaps (such as the Sandman-S) to suppress their AR-15 hosts chambered in 5.56. With the Sierra-5, there are no compromises in the #NoQuarter suppressor lineup for 5.56.

The Sierra-5 is available in two configurations: the KeyMo or the Xeno QD mounting system(s). Both the KeyMo and the Xeno are simple and efficient QD mounting systems that have different features depending on your preferences. What’re the differences between the Dead Air KeyMo versus Xeno mount(s)? The KeyMo mount is a solid, one-handed, mechanical ratchet-style attachment system, in contrast, the Xeno mount uses a simple left-hand thread and tapered surface attachment system.  Additionally, the Sierra 5 with Xeno mount is slightly shorter in length at 5.72” compared to the KeyMo mount version which is 6.27”.

Dead Air Silencers New Sierra-5Dead Air Silencers New Sierra-5

Credit: @DeadAirSilencers

If you shoot 9mm, Dead Air’s Wolfman 9mm suppressor provides stellar submachine gun and carbine performance with quick and easy modularity. In mere seconds, you can switch the Wolfman between a full-length, 7.5 inch carbine suppressor with a fixed or three lug mount, or a compact 5.13 inch pistol suppressor with pistons in a variety of thread pitches. 

Weighing only 9.8 oz in short and 14.4 oz in full, the Dead Air Wolfman silencer provides exceptional sound suppression. If you’d like to further optimize noise reduction, you can easily add a thin rubber wipe to the Wolfman with a simple tool.

Dead Air WolfmanDead Air Wolfman

Credit: @DeadAirSilencers

The Dead Air Odessa-9 provides superior versatility for your 9mm host: in less than a minute, it can be configured in 10 different lengths. For the best sound suppression performance, the Odessa-9 has a full length that includes nine baffles. Adapting your 9mm in a holster is a breeze. Simply use the included wrench and the Odessa-9 silencer can be reduced to just one or two baffles and still provides sound suppression.

Dead Air Odessa-9 Dead Air Odessa-9

Credit: @DeadAirSilencers

A favorite since its inception in 2018, the Dead Air Nomad-30 is ideal when you shoot both subsonic and supersonic centerfire ammunition. Designed to be lightweight, modular and quiet, the Nomad-30 has racked up hundreds of 5 star reviews at customers praise this can for reducing blowback and suppressing sound.

At 6.5 inches and 14 ounces, this suppressor hits the sweet spot between full and compact lengths. You can easily add Dead Air’s renowned QD attachments; the KeyMo and Xeno, as well as systems from other manufacturers because of the Nomad-30’s mount interface, which is threaded in the near-industry standard 1⅜ x 24 thread pitch. If you shoot subsonic 300BLK, but also want the ability to shoot full-power 7.62x51 rounds, the Dead Air Nomad-30 could be the best suppressor for you. Is the Nomad-30 full auto rated? Yes! The Nomad-30 is full auto rated and has no barrel length restrictions.

Dead Air Nomad-30Dead Air Nomad-30

Credit: @DeadAirSilencers


The Dead Air Nomad-L provides you with superior sound reduction, especially while using subsonic rounds like 300 BLK. This suppressor is 8.3 inches (2 inches longer than the Nomad-30) and 18.3 ounces. Like its sibling, the Nomad-L is made from 17-4 stainless steel and is finished with matte black Cerakote. The Nomad-L similarly uses the 1.375” thread pattern so you can easily add Dead Air’s Hub mounting solutions. With enthusiastic 5 star ratings from owners of this suppressor, the Nomad L has been applauded as a “Fantastic can! Great sound reduction, I can comfortably shoot my 300 PRC without hearing protection. 6mm creed is so quiet with the L. It’s amazing.”

Dead Air Nomad-LDead Air Nomad-L

Credit: @DeadAirSilencers

The workhorse in your arsenal, Dead Air’s Sandman-S is durable and excels in the harshest of firing schedules with no restrictions on barrel lengths. With a caliber rating up to .300 RUM, the Sandman-S is ideal on your short barreled rifles or your long range hunting bolt gun. This silencer comes standard with Dead Air’s flagship KeyMo mounting system and includes a muzzle brake threaded in 5/8 x 24. You can depend on the Sandman-S to stand up to rigorous use on semi automatic and select fire hosts. To achieve this durability, what is the Dead Air Sandman-S made of? It's constructed of superalloy Stellite and stainless steel. The Sandman-S has impressive features, solid construction, and is amazingly maneuverable at 6.8 inches and 17.7 ounces. If you are looking for one can that checks off nearly every box, the Sandman-S could be your #1.

Dead Air Sandman-SDead Air Sandman-S

Credit: @DeadAirSilencers

FAQs about Dead Air Silencers

Silencer Shop is here for you and these are the most frequently asked questions from customers: 

What rounds can you shoot out of a 556 suppressor?

5.56 silencers like the Dead Air Sierra-5 are capable of suppressing .223REM, 5.56NATO, and 5.7x28mm. 


Does a silencer work on an AR15?

Yes, silencers work on AR15 rifles.  Most AR15s are chambered in .223, and suppressors like the Dead Air’s Sierra 5 are optimized to suppress .223 rounds. 


What is Xeno mount?

The Xeno mount is a new mount for Dead Air that saves weight and length while giving great accuracy thanks to its precision machined taper interface. 


Where are Dead Air Silencers made?

Dead Air silencers are proudly made in America, the company's HQ is in Kamas, Utah, and most of the manufacturing occurs in Georgia.


Dead Air manufactures high performing suppressors backed by a lifetime warranty for a wide array of calibers. In 2021, Dead Air came in at #1 for Top Suppressor Manufacturers, which is an incredible testament to the popularity and quality of this company, founded in 2014. 

The new Sierra-5 is a compact and effective suppressor specifically designed for use on 5.56 hosts. If your host is a 9mm, you may want to look at the Wolfman or Odessa-9. The Wolfman is an excellent silencer for submachine guns and carbines and the Odessa-9 provides outstanding sound suppression even in its smallest configuration. Dead Air’s Nomad-30 is a top option for people who shoot both subsonic and supersonic ammunition. The Sandman suppressor will offer even more robustness on .30cal and below. 

You can easily order a Dead Air suppressor online with Silencer Shop, and expect to receive your ATF suppressor tax stamp with eForms .