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The SR-7™ is an evolutionary fast attach silencer for 7.62mm hosts. The SR-7™ utilizes a variant of the AAC 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper™ fast-attach system that enables users to securely install or remove the silencer in less than three seconds using an intuitive motion and gross motor skills. The rock solid interface of the 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper™ system minimizes point-of-impact shift and enables users to fully explore the accuracy potential of their host weapon. The durable, fully-welded 100% Inconel 718 baffle cores of the SR-5™ and SR-7™ are designed to minimize back pressure and feature a newly designed blast baffle that provides additional erosion resistance for use with short barreled hosts. Although optimized for 7.62mm x 51 ammunition, the SR-7™ is an excellent multi-caliber silencer that offers excellent performance on hosts chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, 6.8 SPC, and 5.56mm.

*14.5” KAC Battle Rifle, M80, 9” 300 AAC MPW, REM 220gr


Specification Information

Caliber Rating .300 BLK, .300BLK (subsonic), 6.8mm, 7.62 x39 (subsonic), 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .308), 5.56mm (.223)
Color Black
Length 7.6"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 19.5 oz
Finish High Temperature Cerakote™
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer AAC
Minimum Barrel Length 556 10"
Minimum Barrel Length 300BLK 7.5"
Minimum Barrel Length 762 NATO 10"
Build Material 316L Stainless Steel, Inconel 718



3 Reviews For AAC SR-7

  • Superb with any .30 round12/23/2016

    First off, this thing is awesome. I shoot a 300 blackout 10.5 inch with subsonic ammo in my backyard and it is whisper quiet...like so quiet my wife on the back porch barely hears it. She heard the steel being rung that was much...much louder than the actual bullet.

    Supersonic 300 is decent as well, I also shoot .62 grain 5.56 in the backyard and neighbors have said they thought it was something smaller than a .22. So big win here.

    I will say the painting on the can is pretty crappy but I do my own cerakote and it's more for functionality than looks imo. That being said, you only have to occasionally clean the threads of the can and the muzzle device, and if you're like me and shoot a lot of suppressed, shoot a few supersonic 5.56 or 300 to clean out the bore.

    I shoot 6.5 creedmoor with it and it's awesome. SO MUCH BETTER.

    My only gripe besides the paint job is that the costs of the muzzle devices are ridiculous.$100 for a device that rings like a son of a gun and $160 for a brakeout (which is great btw). It's just pricey when you own a lot of weapons that shoot .30 or below.

    Regardless, definitely a winner here.

  • Mac11/8/2016

    I have 5 AAC cans (EVO, TiRants, Pilot, and the SR7). This was my latest and maybe my last. The can itself works fine, but after only a few months I took it too the range and ran a few hundred rounds of 300 BLK through my SBR and then left it to cool on the metal bench. I took it off and realized the finish started coming off the can almost like the label on a can of biscuits.

    AAC told me to send it in and they would refinish the can, but they would not give me a return date and many forums said they could be 9 to 18 months getting it back. Personally it is a tool for me so the finish wasn't worth the wait, but for the price of AAC products you should be getting the best. Also the attachment is impressive, have had no issues. But plan on buying the AAC Blastout if you are going to shoot the brakeout 2.0 attachment without the can. It makes a high pitched ringing sound.

  • Doslocosranch3/9/2015

    First a shout out to Silencer Shop! These guys rock, I have purchased many suppressors from them and they are a class act!
    Second, SR-7 review. I have had my SR-7 for a couple of months and absolutely love this thing! I have run several different types of ammo thru my .300 blackouts and the SR-7 performs flawlessly. I love the ratchet system, easy removal of the suppressor and the optional flash hider or muzzle break is a great idea so i can shoot un-suppressed if i want, based on the situation.

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SKU: AAC 102756
An evolutionary fast attach silencer for 7.62mm hosts

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