Dead Air, Dead Air Primal, multi caliber suppressorDead Air, Dead Air Primal, multi caliber suppressor

The Primal has finally arrived, the newest silencer from Dead Air. The Dead Air Primal is the multi caliber suppressor for the everyday user. This suppressor is the most versatile in Dead Air’s line, a “do it all” insatiable can that will eat almost anything you feed it. The cure-all for your suppressor needs, it’s here to change the game.

While other suppressors are specialized for certain calibers and firearms, the Primal sets itself apart by being primed for almost any weapon in your arsenal.

Multi Caliber Suppressors

What is the draw for multi caliber suppressors? They are desirable purchases because they bridge the gaps between rimfire, center-fire rifles, and Browning-action pistol silencers. Not only can they suppress a wide variety of calibers, but they can also be mounted on a variety of host platforms. Typically suppressors are specialized to fit specific platforms best, limiting their use on different firearms. Multi caliber silencers are designed to accommodate most of the needs of each platform and give the best of both worlds.

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Why Was the Primal Created?

Dead Air’s Primal is their entrance to the multi caliber suppressor market; their competitor to SilencerCo’s Hybrid 46 and Griffin’s Bushwhacker. Dead Air saw that the Primal meets your diverse needs by creating a true jack of all trades. For one wanting to buy ONE suppressor to fit multiple different firearm types, a multi cal suppressor is for you.

What Are the Primal’s Specifications?

This stainless steel suppressor is powerful and durable yet lightweight for its size.

 Without its muzzle device, it is even lighter! More importantly, how does it stack up against its competitors?


Dead Air’s Primal

SilencerCo’s Hybrid

Griffin’s Bushwhacker






16 oz

17.3 oz

15.8 oz (Plan A Configuration)

Weight: 17.6 oz (Pistol Configuration)





Build Materials

17-4 stainless steel

Titanium; stainless steel

17-4 stainless steel


Black high temp Cerakote

Sniper Grey, Black, White, & FDE Cerakote

Black Nitride

Rifle Caliber Rating/Rated for Use On

Up to .458 cal with pressures up to .338 Lapua

Up to .458 SOCOM with pressures up to .338 Lapua

Up to 45-70 GOV with pressures up to .338 Lapua

Pistol Caliber Rating/Rated for Use On

9mm to .45 ACP

9mm to .45 ACP

.22 LR to .45 ACP

Attachment/Thread Pitch


(HUB) and a 5/8x24 direct thread insert in the box


Piston, and a 5/8x24 direct thread insert in the box


Plan A and a 5/8x24 30 caliber taper mount EZ brake and piston in the box



Limited Lifetime


User serviceable




Full Auto Rated




Magnum Rated





Dead Air gave the Primal the same diameter as the Wolfman at 1.618”, but the Primal has a broader range of caliber and mounting options. Let’s get into it!

What Does the Primal Support?

Calibers: The Primal is a .46 caliber suppressor, from 9mm to .45 ACP, and 45-70 to .338 Lapua.

Mounts: The biggest draw for this silencer is the versatility of the many different mounting options it will accept. It utilizes an industry-standard 1  ⅜ x 24 threaded port. The Primal ships with a 5/8x24 direct thread insert and HUB to P-series adapter for your Dead Air pistol mounts. This insert allows almost any mount you desire! As long as it fits the mount thread pattern, the sky is the limit.

Who Should Shoot/Buy It?

The Primal is multi-purpose, multi-caliber, and comes with multiple mounting capabilities. With the Primal comes the ability for a buyer to grow their arsenal and still be able to use the same suppressor. The ability for this suppressor to still use existing Dead Air accessories is a definite plus (QD, MB/FH) and (booster system or tri lug).

Easy to use, cross-compatible with almost everything you own, and reasonably priced, the Primal measures up well to the competition and brings something new to the table. Still have questions? Check out our answers below:

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: Will my Keymo muzzle brake/flash hider work?

Answer: Yes, via the HUB and Keymo mount

Question: Is it full-auto rated?

Answer: Yes!

Question: What are the barrel length restrictions?

Answer: Yes, 18 inches on bottleneck cartridges only

Question: What does it come with?

Answer: 5/8x24 direct thread mount

Question: How can I mount it on my 9mm?

Answer: Ghost/Wolfman booster / 1/2x28 direct thread mount / Keymo, Xeno brake with muzzle devices

Question: How can I mount it on my 5.56?

Answer: Direct thread 1/2x28, Keymo, Xeno, and muzzle devices


multi caliber suppressor, suppressor news, dead air primal vs silencerco hybridmulti caliber suppressor, suppressor news, dead air primal vs silencerco hybrid


Question: Can I shoot this on my “random caliber”? 

Answer: More than likely, yes!

For more, check out the demonstration below! If you can’t contain your jealousy until the video ends, Silencer Shop has you covered. Buy here.