SilencerCo Omega 9K

MSRP $865.00 $689.00
If in the market for a versatile, maneuverable pistol suppressor, the Omega 9K from SilencerCo is here to answer your prayers. Aiming to design a compact and light can, the SiCo crew developed the Omega 9K to offer shooters effective suppression in a minimal footprint. Well done, team. Using unadulterated Utah as their backdrop, SilencerCo created this unit for use on pistols, rifles, and submachine guns. The SiCo name echoes in suppressor lore, and the Omega can is part of the reason why. Although small in build, it offers big sound suppression. Further Intel The Omega 9K promotes a minuscule 4.7 inches of Stellite and stainless steel, wh... Read More
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Weight 7.2 oz


  • SilencerCo Omega 9K BLK
    SilencerCo Omega 9K BLK
    SilencerCo Omega 9K FDE
    SilencerCo Omega 9K FDE
    SilencerCo Omega 9K WHT
    SilencerCo Omega 9K WHT
  • NFA Tax Stamp
    NFA Tax Stamp
  • Single Shot NFA Gun Trust
    Single Shot NFA Gun Trust
  • Total Price $918.95


  • Rating
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Caliber
  • Caliber Rating
  • Color
  • Finish
  • Build Material
  • Sound Reduction
  • Mount Style
  • Thread Pitch
  • User Serviceable
  • Full-Auto Rated
  • Min 300Blk Barrel
  • Warranty
  • Min 762 Barrel
  • Min Magnum Barrel
  • Min 556 Barrel
  • Product Status
  • SilencerCo Omega 9K

    SilencerCo Omega 9K

  • 7.2 oz
  • 4.7"
  • 1.48"
  • 9mm
  • .300 BLK | 9mm
  • NA
  • NA
  • Stainless Steel | Stellite
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • No
  • Full-Auto Rated
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
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