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AAC 762-SDN-6



The AAC 7.62-SDN-6 unit is a compact fast-attach silencer specifically designed for 7.62x51mm (.308Win) ammunition; however, it is also suited for use on smaller calibers, such as .300BLK and 5.56mm.

Manufactured by Advanced Armament Corp. in Huntsville, AL, the 7.62-SDN-6 offers shooters the versatility and extreme durability necessary for full-time silencer use on select guns. By eliminating 98.9% of the muzzle sound pressure, AAC took progressive steps to preserve the hearing of the shooter, as well as to reduce the signature of the muzzle blast.

Further Intel

1.25” shorter in length than the 7.62-SD, the 7.62-SDN-6 features a fully-welded all-Inconel baffle stack and front endcap to maximize durability on select fire 7.62mm SBRs. This silencer also acts as a superb multi-caliber can for multiple weapons, offering excellent performance on 7.62 NATO, 300 AAC, 6.8 SPC, 6.5, and 5.56mm NATO. When used on a 300 AAC Blackout, the overall SPL of 126 dB with subsonic ammunition is quieter than the 9mm HK MP5-SD.

*Note: As of July 2015, all 7.62-SDN-6 silencers now ship with an AAC 51T Flash Hider in 5/8x24 included! Two great products for this reduced price is definitely a bargain… Just ask the many satisfied customers who submitted 5-star reviews for both! And please watch our video for more information regarding this impressive unit (Videos tab).

What’s In the Box?

  • Camouflage nylon pouch with closure and belt loop hitch for personal transport
  • User manual

Specification Information

Caliber Rating .300 BLK, .300BLK (subsonic), 6.8mm, 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .308), 5.56mm (.223)
Color Black
Length 7.66"
Length Added 6.1"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 19.85 oz
Finish High Temperature Cerakote™
Manufacturer AAC
Minimum Barrel Length 556 10"
Minimum Barrel Length 300BLK 7.5"
Minimum Barrel Length 762 NATO 10"
Build Material 316L Stainless Steel, Inconel 718



22 Reviews For AAC 762-SDN-6

  • Matthew2/27/2017

    Bought this can because I had never been exposed to any other. Saw them in Iraq and heard great things about them. Users were claiming they were the "gold standard". That was over 10 years ago. There are much better options now for a "QD" style suppressor. However, despite the claims that they wear out and shift POI, I have not seen this yet. I plan on keeping it on my 300 BLK and it locks up tight AF, is quiet and I'm shooting sub MOA out of my 10.5" Noveske barrel. NO RAGRETS.

  • steven2/7/2017

    300blk 220gr 16" barrel..all you'll hear is the round impacting the target! Solid lockup on 51t mount..no wiggle. Silencershop staff was great in helping me make the right choice for my application!

  • W2/4/2017

    It does its job well. Everyone has differing opinions about mounts. My can locks up tight and does what its supposed to. The suppressor works well. It's very quiet with my 8.5" .300 SBR upper with subs... and significantly tames the blast on my 10.5" 556 SBR upper.

  • David J Smith11/21/2016

    I bought the AAC 762-SDN-6 to use on my 8.5" 300 Blackout SBR. This is my first suppressor, but I've shot other peoples suppressors. I received my approved last week, and took it out yesterday to try it out. I ran PNW Arms 220gr HPBT subsonic and Remington UMC 120gr OTFB supersonic ammo through it. Everything cycled without any issues. The subsonic ammo was crazy quiet through the suppressor. It was easy to tell the supersonic as it made slight crack, but still much quieter through the suppressor. I'm very impressed with the obvious quality that AAC puts into their product. I'm thrilled that I decided to get a suppressor, and I'm even happier that I chose the AAC 762-SDN-6. Also, I'm glad I bought this through SilencerShop, they are the best!

  • Jacques10/26/2016

    I've had this can for over two years now and it still running strong. I use it on a 14.5 " AR and .308, 20" Bolt gun. POI shift is minimal and repeatable. I've heard of issues with the QD mount and teeth wear but haven't not had any issues with mine, but I do depress the lever when installing/removing to minimize wear on the teeth. My 308 loves the can it tightened the group to below MOA. It is a robust durable can but is a little dated.

  • Joe2/15/2016

    .308, bolt & AR POI shift 6+ inches to the 2:30 o'clock position.
    .223, bolt POI shift 2.5 inches to the 7:00 o'clock position
    .300 BLK POI shift 1.5 inches to the 2:30 o'clock position.
    51T lock-up loosens when muzzle device teeth wear slightly even when the can Spring loaded can lever has been depressed for installation/removal to prevent wear. Sound suppression is good. Big disappointment.

  • Greg1/24/2016

    I've actually bought two of these for myself and my son to used hog hunting. The 51T mount is easy to use and the suppressor locks up tight on all of them (one is a little snug, but is getting better with use). So far, I only used it with 300BLK (subs at the range, supers - 157 gr- for hunting). It has worked great on a 16" carbine, two SBRs, a Handi Rifle, and AAC Micro 7. Have had no issues with POI shift on any rifle or with any loads. It does heat up pretty quickly at the range, but never had to shoot a hog more than once, so not an issue when hunting.

  • brian_j.11/26/2014

    Great multi-caliber can. I've run it on a 308 bolt action, SCAR 17, ACR, FS2000, AAC MPW 9" and an AAC Handi-rifle. No problems whatsoever. With the shorter barrels, you're going to get more of the gas in the face blowback, but that's no big deal. Quiets things down on the 30 caliber rounds a lot and running 300 blackout subsonic is AMAZING. Love this can and if you just need one for many calibers and guns, you might want to consider this.

  • Jeff5/3/2014

    Proven can that is still at the top of the pack. Yes, I had to slightly modify (polish) my 51T mounts to get perfect lockup, but it does sound great, and Inconel is a very tough material. Shooting subs in the 9" 300blk, it sounds about like the 5" 9mm with the octane 9. 5.56 sounds like a suppressed .22LR with high velocity ammo. True, It isn't the quietest, or most versatile, or newest, or most space-age but it is proven and it just works. It does what it is supposed to do and does it well. That being said, I would probably buy a Saker 762 if I were buying my first compact .30 QD can today due to its mount versatility and its ability to be easily removed from under a FF handguard with one hand. Still, it was the best for my needs when I purchased it and I have no regrets.

  • thompsob4/30/2014

    Awesome suppressor for 2013 and before!
    I bought an AAC 762-SDN-6 in early 2013 to use on my .308 rifles and 5.56 guns. To fulfill that requirement, I wanted a full-size can that was somewhat light, not overly long, and that had a quick mount system. I have been very pleased with this silencer in that role. It’s barely longer and heavier than my Gemtech G5!
    However, just like my 1080P used to be awesome, technology has started to somewhat pass this silencer by. With the release of the Saker 7.62 with its interchangeable MADD mounts and changeable front cap, for only $50 more, I don’t see a compelling reason to buy this silencer today.

  • crimson comet4/29/2014

    I have had my AAC SDN-6 for some time now, and it has been incredible. It is small, so it doesn’t lengthen my SBRs by too much, and even though it is 100% Inconel, it is relatively light weight. It makes for suppressed hunting with the 300 blk a blast! The can locks up tight on the QD mounts and is easily removed after carbon build-up occurs. As for being quiet, it is incredible while shooting sub sonic rounds. It also makes supersonic 300 blk hearing safe on my opinion. I would highly recommend this can for the AR-15 style platform. Also, a big thumbs up to AAC customer service. They have been more than helpful in answering my many questions!

  • Tristan4/27/2014

    So much has already been said about this already but to keep it short and sweet, this is a amazing can! The best thing is versatility. I have several host firearms for this and each time I am thrilled with the performance. Everything from .223, 300 black out, to 308 is pleasant to shoot. With subsonic rounds the 300 blackout is "giggle quite". It almost seems less then a suppressed .22lr. I also love the mounting system because the muzzle brakes are very effective and easy to transfer the car from one host to another. Out of the several suppressors I own this is hands down my favorite. Of course the process and support form silencer shop is second to none, they have really made it easy for me to become addicted to suppressor ownership.

  • Jim4/24/2014

    Workhorse 30 cal can. Perfect for semi autos. I run mine on a 300 Blackout SBR, a 7.62x39 AR, and a 5.56 AR. Takes the bark out of shooting. More of a rewarding "crack" than "BANG". Compact - doesn't add too much weight/length to the rifle.

    It's not a precision can (don't put this on your benchrest competition rifle), but it's not nearly as bad as some internet reviews report. I have or have had 5 different AAC 51 tooth breaks/flash hiders and used them on a variety of rifles. Some locked up tighter than others, but overall POI and group size was consistent and repeatable.

    Great can for an AR or similar. Paired with a 300 Blackout can be very very "quiet".

  • Matthew H.4/24/2014

    - Short for a 7.62 can. It's one inch longer and 2 ounces heavier than the M4-2000, so it's not overly bulky when used on an AR platform.
    - Versatile. The 51T mount allows you to use it on any caliber 7.62x51 or smaller as long as you use the 51T mount. I also like that you have options (flash hider, brake, and flash hider/brake combo). And since it's a little longer than a 5.56 can, the extra volume makes it even quieter on sub caliber weapons without looking too large and out of place on a 16" AR-15.
    - Quiet on sub calibers. I don't have equipment to confirm, but it sounds quieter on my 16" AR15 than my 18" AR10 and 20" Remington 700 in .308.
    - Minimal and repeatable POI shift. I align it the same way to my barrel every time I put it on, and it always screws on the same amount and then stops. It's been a while, but I don't think it changed my POI on any of my rifles more than 2" in any direction at 100 yards. At that distance, that's still a dead deer.
    - Bullet proof. Fully welded Inconel stack and end cap make it suitable for full auto use on a 7.62x51 rifle. I don't know anybody who owns one and I doubt I'll ever get to try it, but this thing is rock solid and battle ready. I've dropped it on concrete and it didn't even scratch the coating.
    - Significant recoil reduction. I use this can on three different rifles. I use the Blackout flash hider on my AR-15, the Brakeout combo on my AR-10, and the dedicated brake on my R700. The Remington with its brake and this can has about the same recoil as a .223 rifle. Very pleasing to shoot.

    - Not very quiet on 7.62x51. This is expected. It's fairly short for a .30 caliber suppressor. Definitely not what I would consider "hearing safe." By that I mean if you go out shooting your AR-10 with your friends, while you will notice a considerable difference, your ears will still be ringing by the end of the day if you don't wear protection. I like to call it "hunting safe." I use mine on my R700 when deer hunting, and with one shot out in the open you will not have any discomfort or ringing in the ears. Also, it will make you sound like you're 1000 yards farther away from your buddies, so if you miss that trophy buck they won't even know you took a shot.
    - Increased back pressure. Not an issue on bolt action rifles. My Colt 6940 functions fine with the stock H buffer, albeit with significant gas blow-back, but my DPMS AR-10 required a heavier buffer and spring to control the bolt wanting to unlock to soon. Increased blowback and quicker unlocking times are expected in any semi-auto, so it's not really a "con," just be aware that you will probably need a heavier buffer.
    - Flash hider ring. The blackout flash hider is one of, if not the, most effective one on the market, but due to the symmetry of those long tines it rings like a tuning fork after every shot or when the rifle gets knocked around a little. If you're more than about 10 or 15 yards away you can't hear it, but the shooter will notice it every time.

    In summary this is a great all around suppressor. It is as good as or better than most dedicated 5.56 cans out there for that caliber, but doesn't have the same level of suppression on 7.62x51. I've never heard it on 300BLK, but it should be phenomenal for that. On 6.8 it is border line hearing safe. If you plan on shooting often with an AR platform, be prepared to upgrade to a heavier buffer (this is true for any suppressor). It doesn't do anything great, but does everything well. If you are a long range bolt action shooter who wants the best suppression possible, you're much better off with a thread on, full length suppressor. If you're like me - an average Joe with a few toys who refuses to wear hearing protection in the deer stand - you can't go wrong.

  • patrick4/23/2014

    This is an amazing suppressor. Shooting super sonic 308win through it tames the noise considerably. Shooting sub sonic 308win is down right amazing. Shooting sub sonic 300blackout will astound you. It literally sounds like a suppressed 22LR that is just a tad bit louder. Shooting 5.56mm through it just won't give you the same great feeling. It is still loud, but granted it is a loud super sonic round to begin with. But still suppresses 5.56mm fairly well.

    Attachment is super fast. 2.5 to 3 full turns of the suppressor onto the mount and its on there. Removing the suppressor is as easy as it is putting it in.I have had no issues with Point of Impact (POI) shift with 5.56mm, 308win or 300blackout. With it on or off, the rounds always go where I aim for. Now, shooting 5-10 rounds through it will get the suppressor warm to hot. Shooting 11-30 rounds will get it down right toasty. Just be cognitive if you have your weapon slinged or if you're walking with it, you may burn yourself or someone.

    The only reason I give this suppressor 4 stars is because the finish is something to be desired. I have literally scratched off the finish with my wedding ring. So if you're picky about how your suppressor looks, it may be something to consider or just be aware of. It bothered me at first, but then I didn't really care.

    Overall, this is a great suppressor and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a 7.62 suppressor or a suppressor for sub calibers such as the 5.56mm.

  • diphoto4/23/2014

    Excellent suppressor for my 300 BLK.

  • Kevin Nickels4/20/2014

    I have two AAC suppressor, and this one is my favorite. I love the way it sounds, or actually doesn't sound, with subsonic blackouts. I have demonstrated this can to several people and advised them to buy one from Silencer Shop, because their service is as awesome as the SDN-6. Thanks.

  • aaron c.4/19/2014

    This was my first silencer purchase and this is a very good can.
    -weight is good, but seriously if suppressors were like 20lbs we would still justify them.
    -materials used in construction and construction itself make this a tough suppressor.
    -full auto rated...just in case
    -versatility of calibers, why buy a 5.56 can when you can have this?
    -300 blackout subs are seriously quiet, just do it.
    -AAC is good to deal with in my experiences with customer service.

  • Michael H.4/18/2014

    AAC makes an excellent can, great customer service everytime I've called or emailed I've received a quick response. Mounting system is fine and locks up tight or with use it will tighten up. POI shift is minimal, not as good as surefire but it's repeatable. Supresson is excellent for a 300 blackout and my Larue 18" predatobr. The can has a good weight and seem extremely well made. Silencer shop did a great job of answering all my questions and made sure I would be happy with my first can.

  • kernerc4/18/2014

    Love at first shot. This was my first suppressor and it did not disappoint. Nothing like going to the range and warming up with some non-suppressed and then hearing the reactions from the booth next to you after you ratchet on the can. Popular can, quite a few admirers knew what it was before asking, and for good reason. Scary quiet.

  • aamoss4/18/2014

    -Short OAL/Length Added
    -Very good sound reduction, especially on 300BLK subsonic
    -AAC mounts can be found in-stock all over the place and come with a variety of options

    -Un-mounting the SDN-6 requires access to the muzzle-silencer area which makes using it under a handguard tricky or even impossible depending on the handguard.

  • jdbcool1014/6/2014

    Nice full size 7.62 can. It makes it so I can shoot my scar 17 without ear protection on even though its still a little snappy. Running on 5.56 like my tavor or lwrc ar I don't need ear plugs at all. The only draw back I see is the fact that you can't take it apart and clean it.

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AAC 762-SDN-6

SKU: AAC 101228
A compact fast-attach sound and flash suppressor for 7.62x51mm and 300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm) weapons.

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