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YHM Titanium 5.56mm Phantom Q.D.



YHM is very pleased to offer the Titanium Phantom Sound Suppressor. This suppressor features Titanium and Inconel 718 construction for increased strength, superior durability, and amazing weight savings. This suppressor offers the same sound reduction as the standard Phantom model but in a much lighter package. YHM's Q.D. muzzle devices are time tested and the the Patented Sound Tech baffle design (U.S. Patent #7,073,426) reduced muzzle noise by up to 35 decibels.

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Specification Information

Caliber Rating 5.56mm (.223)
Length 6.875"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 12 oz
Full-Auto Rated Limited
Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine
Minimum Barrel Length 556 10.5"
Build Material Inconel 718, Titanium



2 Reviews For YHM Titanium 5.56mm Phantom Q.D.

  • Phil11/16/2016

    This is a perfect fit for my Mossberg MVP Predator bolt action 5.56. It is quiet enough, without subsonic ammo, to shoot without hearing protection. It is much less than a .22 LR shot through a rifle. Being a bolt action rifle, and scary quiet, the Mossberg is my perfect hog rifle right out of the box.
    Shooting the silencer on my AR15, it is louder and I do wear ear plugs. However, it is dramatically quieter with it than without.
    SS is an outstanding retailer!


    I have a YHM Titanium Phantom in 30 cal. and use it on my Tikka 300 WM , makes it sound like a suppressed 308 , it is the only 30 cal suppressor I have so I don't know how quiet other ones compare to it , but , I am very pleased with my YHM Titanium Phantom !

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YHM Titanium 5.56mm Phantom Q.D.

SKU: YHM-3100-TI-5M2 -Multi
This suppressor offers the same sound reduction as the standard Phantom model but in a much lighter package.

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