Sig Sauer SRD Flash Hiders

SS-Sig SRD FH -Multi

These Flash Hiders are designed to fit any Sig Sauer SRD QD Silencer.

These Flash Hiders are designed to fit any Sig Sauer SRD QD Silencer.

  • Product Description

    The Taper-Lok muzzle devices are designed to work with Sig Sauer Silencer SRD-QD models.  The dual taper (both at the shoulder of the barrel and at the suppressor) creates the most repeatable system for mounting a suppressor on a rifle to date!  Gone are the days of painstaking timing and shimming to get the ports or prongs to line up.  This new system from Sig is a two piece device.  The suppressor mount can be torqued onto the barrel to the correct specifications.  The "muzzle device" can then be attached (and swapped out, replaced and timed) onto the mount.  A crush washer is included with the device and is placed between the mount and prongs to allow you to tighten the prongs to the desired location after the mount is installed on the barrel.

    Note:  The caliber label (7.62) and (5.56) refer to the silencer that the device works with.  A flash hider labeled (5.56) will not work in the SRD762 series silencers and vice versa

    More Information
    Manufacturer Sig Sauer
    Supp Model For Accessories SIG SRD338 TiQD, SIG SRD556, SIG SRD556 QD, SIG SRD556 Ti, SIG SRD556 TiQD, SIG SRD762, SIG SRD762 QD, SIG SRD762 Ti, SIG SRD762 TiQD
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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