Located in their current home of Florence, MA, since the mid-1960s, Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) strives to bring the all-important balance of affordability and durability to their customers. With a history reaching back to 1951 (founded by James H. Graham and Wallace Judd in an area of Leeds, MA, locally known as Yankee Hill), this manufacturer has over 65 years of experience in the firearm arena.

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YHM’s first notable contribution to the weaponry industry was their involvement in the design and production of the M16 cleaning rod kit in the 1960s. During the 80s, under James J. Graham’s guidance, the company expanded and began producing on CNC equipment. Dedicated to improving the outdoorsmen experience, they also developed the Phantom Flash Hider—five options now available—in 1997 to reduce the shooter’s visible signature.

Making their initial splash in the suppressor market in 2005, YHM unveiled the 5.56mm Phantom can, bringing a high-quality quick-attach unit to the average gun owner’s price range. They have since expanded on that successful line of silencers, including the 5.56mm Phantom QD, the Stainless 5.56mm Phantom M2 QD, and the Titanium 5.56mm Phantom QD. All impressive in their own right.

Taking the leap into the firearm production industry in 2008, YHM announced their YHM-15, AR-type rifle to the world. As you can see, the progressive thinking and diversity YHM has brought to the gun community throughout the years has been remarkable. They pride themselves on being experts in the firearms field, capable of manufacturing any part needed by their customer base. Now under sons Kevin A. and Christopher J. Graham’s tutelage, YHM will undoubtedly continue to share advanced, affordable products with suppressor enthusiasts.