Surefire Suppressors  

Although it took SureFire nearly 20 years to introduce themselves to the suppressor industry, man have they ever had an impact! Founded as a flashlight company in 1979, they didn’t begin making suppressors until 1998. However, their ability to parlay their well-deserved reputation in the flashlight arena into a successful silencer transition speaks volumes.

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Headquartered in Fountain Valley, CA, SureFire’s initial big splash in the suppression realm came in 2011 when the company was awarded the U.S. Special Operations Command family of muzzle brakes and silencers contract. While SureFire has been making suppressors since 1998, this contract really thrust the SureFire name into prominence within the civilian market. A year later, their SOCOM series of suppressors was released, including the popular 556 RC, 556 Monster, and 762 RC units. The innovativeness shown throughout the entire series is second-to-none.

Two years later, in 2014, the team released their Ryder 22 cans—comprised of an all-aluminum 22-A model and an all-stainless 22-S model. These versatile silencers introduced the innovative pig-nose baffle design, offering superior sound reduction. Not to be forgotten, SureFire soon thereafter developed and unveiled the Ryder 9 suppressor—their first 9mm contribution to the market. Needless to say, each endeavor has been a success.

Most recently (2015), SureFire revealed a second generation of SOCOM silencers. The 556 RC2, 556 SB2, and 762 RC2 versions are the headlining suppressors of this group. With a track record as polished as this manufacturer’s, we predict many more top-notch SureFire contributions in the near future (especially since they’re trusted by U.S. armed forces and law enforcement). Get on board!