Sig Sauer Silencers  

Sig Sauer has been involved in the NFA business for years; but, it wasn't until 2014 that they hired Kevin Brittingham (the founder of AAC) - and got serious about making great suppressors under the brand 'Sig Sauer Silencers'.

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By summer of 2015, Sig Silencers started shipping a couple of Titanium rifle suppressors: the quick attach SRD762Ti-QD and the direct thread SRD762Ti.

SRD762Ti Cut-Out

These unique suppressors solved several real-world problems:

  • The single-tube design delivers excellent performance and lower blow-back because of the significantly increased internal volume
  • The quick attach mounting system offers the accuracy and repeatability of a direct thread; but, still has a locking mechanism for peace of mind
  • The muzzle brake portion of the mount can be timed using a standard crush washer (which is a huge time saver!)

On top of being some of the top performing suppressors on the market, they are priced extremely competitvely - which has helped Sig capture market share extremely quickly.

Now that we've had a taste of what Sig has to offer, we're definitely excited to see what's coming next!

As of the fall of 2015, they've manufactured & started to transfer their more complete rifle & pistol suppressor line-up out to dealers; including these:  SRD556SRD556-QD, SRD556TiSRD556Ti-QD, SRD762, SRD762-QD, SRD338Ti-QD, SRD9, and the SRD45.

We already seen most of these in action, and are expecting great things based on how the first models have been received!

Stay tuned for updates as we receive more of these new products from Sig Silencers.