About PSD  

Palmetto State Defense crafts some of the finest, most reliable firearm products in the industry. Founded in 2007, PSD has brought a new dimension to the suppression market with their innovative cans.

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The South Carolina-based company is a premium rifle and silencer manufacturer that specializes in AR platforms and sound suppression units. They take pride in not mass producing any of their products. Instead, every rifle that leaves their facility sports the coveted PSD Rifleworks badge because it met (or exceeded) their demanding standards. In actuality, their exacting standards are the kind that you would expect to find in a rifle with a much higher price tag. Passing savings to the customer drives the team to create affordable guns and silencers. With over 35 years of in-house rifle building experience, you can rest assured that only the highest-quality product leaves their store.

Moreover, their line of suppressors is built to the same benchmarks as their rifles. The Minilith and Monolith units each exemplify this mantra. PSD has created a manufacturing formula that allows for durable, superior products at an affordable cost. Industry-leading sound reduction and longevity allow for the most (suppressed) bang for your buck. Their new Megalith suppressor definitely keeps to the same method as its two older brothers, making it one of the more popular cans in our inventory.

With their impressive family of rifles and suppressors, Palmetto State Defense has forged an imposing niche in the firearm market. We expect more of the same from them in the near future.

*Side note: Palmetto State Defense is the official rifle of the “major” motion picture Range 15. How cool is that?