Liberty Suppressors is a Georgia-based manufacturer that combines a family atmosphere with a cutting-edge knowledge of silencers. Situated in Trenton and founded in 2004, they have over a decade’s worth of experience and definitely bring some Southern charm to the industry.

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With much research and testing under their belt, Liberty released the original Mystic can in 2011. This silencer became the foundation that would lead to the innovative Mystic X—their proven and reliable multi-caliber suppressor that was unveiled in 2014. Rated for more than 50 calibers ranging from .22LR to .300 Blackout, this versatile unit is considered the Swiss Army knife of cans.

Soon after the debut of the original Mystic, Liberty’s Leonidas was born. This integral .300 Blackout upper for the AR-15 platform is full-auto rated and oozes quality. Moreover, the Victory Mag suppressor was introduced following the Mystic X. If you want a magnum-rated centerfire rifle can, the Victory Mag’s the one to grab.

2015 was a breakout year for the Liberty Suppressors team. Their latest player in the rimfire market, the Regulator, sports a sound reduction range of 40–46 dB with virtually no first round pop (FRP). A hot commodity, no doubt. In addition, their 2015 introduction of the Cosmic brought versatility and durability to the .45 caliber niche. And what a bargain!

With an array of suppressors on the market from the new Centurion to the classic Kodiak, Liberty Suppressors’ sterling reputation is well-deserved. Keep an eye on their expanding line of silencers moving forward… They obviously have great ideas.