Advanced Armament Corp  

Advanced Armament Corporation was originally founded in 1994 in Lawrenceville, GA, and has become one of the industry leaders in gun suppression.

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 While focusing their early years as a dealer of machine guns and other NFA firearms, AAC has grown into one of the largest maker of silencers in the country. By 1998 (and after a move to Norcross, GA), they began manufacturing their own silencers, introducing the innovative M4-2000 can two years later.

2008 was a momentous time in AAC’s history. With the introduction of their redesigned M4-200 MOD 08, the original highly-effective 5.56mm suppressor was revamped to include AAC’s fast-attach Ratchet-Mount, providing pinpoint accuracy with minimal and repeatable zero-shift. Moreover, they also unveiled the very first fast-attach .50 BMG silencer in the world—the impressive Cyclops.

By 2009, the ever-popular Ti-Rant series of suppressors was introduced with the initial installment of the Ti-Rant 45, the world’s first .45 ACP caliber silencer that is remarkably hearing safe when shot dry. Since then, four other Ti-Rant units have hit the market, making this line of silencers renowned throughout the industry.

Acquired by Remington/Freedom Group in 2009, AAC continued production in Georgia until 2014, when manufacturing was consolidated at the Remington Outdoor Company facility in Huntsville, AL. However, before that relocation, they essentially hit the suppressor jackpot in 2010 when the U.S. Army awarded them the contract for the XM2010 sniper rifle system, including the Titan QD .338LM suppressor. And let’s not forget the invention of .300 Blackout ammo that same year… Not to mention the development of the 762-SDN-6 can, which becomes the bestselling suppressor in the market to-date.

Needless to say, Advanced Armament Corporation’s imprints on both the firearm and silencer industries have been legendary. They laid the foundation for innovation in both areas, and are still on the cutting-edge after nearly 25 years of production.