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AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider

AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider

SKU: aac-51t-blackout-flash-hider
The most efficient design available.

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The BLACKOUT flash suppressor is the most efficient design available. The proprietary features eliminate muzzle flash, even on CQB-length barrels. The BLACKOUT is inherently stronger and more impact resistant than four prong designs, while not being subject to the rapid erosion of closed-ended units. A high strength corrosion-resistant aerospace alloy, and ultra-hard SCARmor finish provide the highest level of durability. Military tested and selected.

Specification Information

Suppressor Model AAC 556-SD, AAC 762-SD, AAC 762-SDN-6, AAC M4-2000, AAC Mini-4
Length 2.5"
Length Added 1.875"
Weight 4.3 oz
Manufacturer AAC



7 Reviews For AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider

  • KJ9/13/2014

    Its a tuning fork and makes a significant amount of noise pinging when I shoot my SDN-6. Works great as a flash hider and I give the flash hider function a 4 star rating but the quick adapter functions adds way to much noise. I would avoid the blackout and get the breakout.
    My two cents....

  • Josh S5/6/2014

    I bought this flash hider for my 300 blackout pistol and it works very well. Usually when I go to the range people are expecting fireballs but it honestly doesn't happen. Very effective and of course a must if you have an aac 51t can. Only gripe I have with it is you either need the tool to remove it or you risk a good chance of damaging the flat spots using a wrench. These are very thin and honestly aren't nearly strong enough for removal.

  • crimson comet4/29/2014

    Not only does this flash hider allow me to remove my sdn-6 quickly, but it is functional. It is hands down one of the best flash hiders out there. The open tip design was the original design on the M16 because it actually does hide flash better than any closed end hider. This item works as it should and works well. Finish is nice and hard.

  • MATTHEW4/24/2014

    The AAC Blackout 51 tooth flash hider is a functional device on multiple levels. As a flash hider, it does a great job of suppressing visible flash from an unsuppressed rifle like an AR15 or threaded bolt rifle. It even does well on short barreled rifles. It also obviously provides a QD attachment point for 51 tooth AAC suppressors, like the M4-2000. The finish and strength is very high quality. The only reason I don't give it a 5-star rating is because of the ring it emits during AR15 bolt release or post-discharge of a round. It sounds like a tuning fork, probably due to the length of the prongs that suppress the flash. Other than that, fantastic flash hider!

  • Kevin Nickels4/20/2014

    This flash hinder looks great on my SBR, and is must have accessory for your AAC SDN-6. I will be buying a couple more in the future for my other uppers. Thanks.

  • Jeff4/19/2014

    i use this just as a flash hider, not for QD suppressor mount. Personally, I just like the looks of it, and if I ever get an AAC QD can, I'll already have a mount for it.

  • Kirkham Bryce4/18/2014

    I have this Flash hider on my 556 Tactical 300 Blackout and it is great helps with what little recoil that there is. the flash is every low if any at all. This is the best price any were on the internet.

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