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How To Upload And Sell Serial Numbers From Your Inventory

You can use your dealer portal to upload serial numbers - that you have bought from anywhere - to your "available inventory."

Note: Items purchased from Silencer Shop will automatically be added to your dealer portal

Assigning a serial number to a customer is as easy as entering the customer’s email address. If they already exist in our system, their paperwork will start immediately. If they don’t have a record with us, we’ll immediately reach out and start collecting their information.

Tax stamps for these orders can be purchased by the customer on our website—or you can collect the tax stamp payment from the customer at the time of sale. If you collect the stamp payment, we can put a credit card on file for you that will be auto-billed when that customer’s forms are submitted.

 A $25 transaction processing fee will also be charged to you for the use of this program. This can also be set up to auto-charge to a credit card.


You can check out our handy video for a quick tutorial on the steps to acomplish this!



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How To Assign Serial Numbers Directly Out Of Our Inventory

If you watched the video above, you have already figured this out.  Assigning serial number from OUR inventory is as easy as clicking the button, selecting the silencer model and adding a customer.

The rest of the process is the same as assigning out of your inventory.  Simply add the customer and click "assign."

The tax stamps and processing fees mentioned above also apply to selling silencers from our vault to your customers.

The idea behind this feature is to allow you to supplement your own stock with items that you are either out of, or do not carry at all... without having to take on the inventory overhead of actually stocking them!



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How Do We Handle Your Paperwork

When a serial number is assigned to one of your customers out of our inventory, we’ll file a Form 3 so their silencers are sent to your business. After the Form 3 is approved, the silencers are mailed directly to the selling dealer.  

In addition, after Silencer Shop gathers the customer’s information, we’ll file the Form 4 on your behalf. Our Silencer Shop mobile app allows for the customer's photo be submitted directly to us for their Form 4 paperwork. Regarding fingerprints, they may be mailed to us on the standard FD-258 fingerprint card or submitted via our S.I.D. Kiosk platform. Either way, the customer’s records will be saved in our database for all future transactions.

If the customer’s trust/corporate documents are needed, Silencer Shop provides a link to allow the customer to upload/email/fax/mail the apropriate documents to us.  Once all information is completed, we'll send a DocuSign link to your customer to review the information and sign the final document electronically.

You can dispose of them according to your state/local laws and regulations once you receive the approved Form 4 for your customer. (Note: Dealer doesn’t charge a transfer fee, as this is a sale made from that dealer, not a transfer from another dealer.)



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