Guaranteed By Silencer Shop

Powered By Silencer ShopMake your next NFA purchase from Silencer Shop with absolute confidence by taking advantage of our Powered By Silencer Shop Guarantee!

With our in-depth review process, customer/dealer communication, and tracking of each individual transfer – we work hard to ensure that the NFA process is as simple, quick, and error-free as we can possibly make it.

We’re so confident you’ll have a great experience, that we’re now offering a Powered By Silencer Shop guarantee.  When purchasing from Silencer Shop, look for the Powered By Silencer Shop logo by your selected dealer’s name to ensure your purchase will be Guaranteed By Silencer Shop!


Here is what the Guarantee covers:

We will handle the timely review and submission of your Form 4 paperwork to the NFA Branch

We submit more NFA paperwork to the ATF than anybody else in the country; and, our experienced NFA staff carefully reviews each and every customer’s information before anything gets submitted.  When combined with our automated error scanning, we’ve been able to drive our error rate down to almost nothing!

In the unlikely event that something does goes wrong during the approval process, we’ll work with the NFA Branch to ensure the issue is resolved in a timely manner.  Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we’ll bend over backwards to ensure you’re taken care of through the entire process.

We guarantee your dealer will be around when your approval comes through from the ATF

Buying any NFA item, such as a silencer, can be stressful with so many stories of dealers who go out of business with outstanding transfers in the pipeline.  In the event this happens to you with one of our Powered By Silencer Shop dealers, we’ll work with you, the dealer, and the ATF to ensure you get the product you paid for.

If we’re unable to resolve the issue, we’ll replace the item using another dealer (and will pay all associated fees & taxes) - so you won’t be left holding the bag.

Peace of Mind

With tens of thousands of submissions each year, you can count on our experienced NFA team to get your submission done quickly and correctly.

We strive for a 0% error rate; but, when we do make a mistake – we do our best to make it right.  Then, we sit down to figure out how to prevent that issue from ever happening again.

As a result, we’re constantly tweaking our system to simplify the buying process, reduce errors, and speed up the submission process. 

When purchasing from, you can rest easy knowing that your transfer is being taken care of correctly!


The Powered By Silencer Shop Guarantee applies when Silencer Shop handles the Form 4 submission using a Powered dealer.  Look for the Powered By Silencer Shop logo when you're checking out to be sure you're covered!