Griffin 14x1LH to 5/8x24 Adapter

Griffin TA141A5824

m14x1LH to 5/8x24 thread adapter from Griffin Armament.

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m14x1LH to 5/8x24 thread adapter from Griffin Armament.

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    These adapters allow the user to convert m14x1LH (AK) threads to the common 5/8x24 thread pitch.  AK's do not have a proper muzzle face or shoulder to index muzzle devices that require timing.  Torqued onto an AK barrel with the provided 3/4" wrench flats, the user now has a propper "shoulder" to shim a muzzle brake or compensator against.

    While this will also easily allow you to attach your .30 cal silencer to your AK, this product does not overcome an AK's natural aversion to silencers!  Make sure that the silencer you have is warrantied for use on the AK platform (should be included in your user manual/technical data from the manufactrer) and that the bore and barrel of your specific rifle/pistol are concentric.  We hate to say "use at your own risk" but the AK is not exactly a standarized platform and none are created equally.  Make sure you do your homework before you plug your favorite suppressor on the $300 bullet hose you bought at the swap meet!

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