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GEMTECH 5.56 Suppressed Bolt Carrier

GEMTECH 5.56 Suppressed Bolt Carrier


Ported bolt carriers... next step is laser rifles

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At a quick glance, the GEMTECH Suppressed Bolt Carrier may look like any other AR Bolt you've ever seen. This drop-in replacement is anything but average and allows the user to swap between Unsuppressed (U) and Suppressed (S) with a simple twist of a valve. No permanent modifications to the firearm, adjustable gas blocks, heavy buffers or any other additional components.  Simply set the valve to the appropriate type of shooting and drop the bolt in your platform.  This is a perfect solution for the guy that owns multiple types of AR's but doesn't want to outfit each one with adjustable gas blocks, etc.. 

Any and all shooters will notice an additional benefit to venting excess gas at the bolt: reduced carrier speed.  This translates to less felt recoil and lower cyclic rates (for full auto applications) as well as reduced wear on the system as a whole.

Intended for use in any system that runs a standard 5.56 bolt carrier.

What are the Critics Saying?


Specification Information

Caliber Rating .300 BLK, 5.56mm (.223)
Color Black
Manufacturer Gemtech



9 Reviews For GEMTECH 5.56 Suppressed Bolt Carrier

  • David8/7/2017

    I've had this BCG for a few months now and I love it. It's easier to clean, lessens recoil and I have yet to find a problem with it or have one. I can't wait to try this out with my GMT-Halo when my Form 4 get's approved.

  • Billy Bob4/25/2017

    I have many ARs, but have yet to find one that benefits from this bolt. I bought this to use on my 300AAC 14.5". The problem is I cannot get the magazine to stay in with this bolt (there are some cases of this on the internet). I tried it on my 10" 300AAC shooting subsonic and it will not cycle on the suppressed setting (see other reviews); it works fine on the supersonic setting. Maybe someone shooting another AR or 5.56 might have other experiences, but for me there is no point to use this bolt carrier. With that said, this thing is WAY too expensive, especially since you still have to buy the bolt, firing pin, etc. I recommend trying an adjustable gas block or just a charging handle if blow back in an issue before trying this.

  • Bruce4/15/2017

    Saw all the videos and read the reviews and bought the Gemtech SBC. Works flawlessly with my YHM QD Phantom. Limits the gas on the face, had a little due to wind. Have ran 300 rounds though my 5.56 no issues and gentler bolt pulse.

    The staff at Silencer Shop are top notch and couldn't be more helpful. Helped walk me thought the new NFA process with my latest suppressor purchase.

  • Alec4/14/2017

    Mine works great when I'm not using steel cased ammo. Contacted them and they said it should run steel cased with no problem. They did not offer to replace it or anything...

  • Emsemt9113/14/2017

    I have purchassed two of these bolts: one for .223 ar and another for 6.8 spc ar. Both 16 inch barrels and an aac suppressor. All i can say is "wow!" I have no problem with their performances. It was the easiest way to prevent the gas in my face when shooting with the AAC. I did not want to go through the hassel of adding an adj gas nlock. This is so much easier. I use high velocity ammo, shoot the guns suppressed and un-suppressed.

  • Lance1/3/2017

    Does everything Gemtech claims. Runs perfect in unsuppressed mode without a can. Runs perfect in suppressed mode with a can. Put it in an M&P 15 with zero malfunctions. Around 300 rounds unsuppressed and 40 suppressed. Eliminates gas blow back in the shooters face while suppressed. Not much else to say. It does what it is designed for.

  • Mark8/16/2016

    Mine short strokes. FFF, FFire, FTE, no magazine hold open, you name it, it happens. Does lessen recoil. But a single shot AR is not what I was trying for.

  • HHM5/30/2016

    Finally got to try out my GA Spartan 3 after getting my stamp and pinning/welding it to a 10.5" barrel to make a one stamp upper. I paired it with a Gemtech suppressor bolt carrier and the rifle shoots like a dream! No gas in the face and no increased velocity of the carrier. This is the best way to shoot a suppressed DI AR.

  • Matthew2/16/2016

    I have an 16" AR with an A2 front sight that I didn't want to remove to add an adjustable gas block. The suppressed bolt carrier softened the recoil and significantly reduced the amount of blow back. I also tried the bolt on a 10" 300 BLK with supersonic hunting ammo using my Reece 7. With the bolt carrier turned to suppressed and supersonic ammo it cycled fully with subs it was a single shot. The price is a little high compared to an adjustable gas block, but it is a simple drop in solution. Overall, I am please with my purchase.

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