You can reach the Dealer Support Staff at (512) 843-0017 or
Retail customers can reach us by the webform on our contact us page, by sending an email to or by calling (512) 931-4556.
Yes, you’ll add it through the Manage Inventory tab in your dealer account dashboard.
By selecting “SS Inventory” under the "Sell From" dropdown on the Assign Serial Numbers tab of your dealer account dashboard.
No, per our distribution agreement. Your margin is built into the price online. Use the Adjust Pricing tab in your dealer account dashboard.
You can look at the “Customer Orders” tab on your dashboard and ask them for their order number.
Your Unique URL is listed above your dashboard buttons when you click on the “My Account Tab”. That is the direct link, we can create a more visually appealing URL to reflect your trade name if you email us
If it isn't yet assigned to a customer, you can delete the item from your inventory and add it again. If it is already assigned to a customer, you’ll want to contact your dealer rep (if you have their direct contact info) or reach out to the Dealer Support Department at or call (512) 843-0017 to get that resolved as soon as possible.
Dealer rewards statuses are not reflected until the item(s) are paid for and then the conversion will happen at midnight that day. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Dealer Support.
That depends on a number of factors but the answer is that if a product is able to be backorded, then we have more on order and in bound. Typically we try to only enable backorder for products that we expect to be back in stock in 2-4 weeks (i.e. The manufacturer has an approved form 3 to us for another batch). The most common exception to this rule is for new and high demand items where people want to reserve a spot in line but delivery of the product is difficult to predict.
You can, but those sales will not count towards your Dealer Rewards Status Level. You can sell directly out of our inventory from your dealer portal or send customers to your unique URL to have those sales count towards your loyalty level. Here is a video walkthrough to explain exactly how to do that!
Our most successful dealers place a link to their unique URL in the signature of their email, posting it on social media, or making a page talking about silencers on their website. Also, having it loaded up on a computer or tablet in your shop can make it handy to sell silencers on our site there in your own storefront. If you need pictures or logos to use in a link, please feel free to reach out!
The check in the box is your profit from the sale of the silencer. We will also have subtracted your processing fee (based on your loyalty level) from this payment.
The 2.8% is only applicable if we made a sale on behalf of your business. This is only applicable if a customer called us, or placed and order on the website without utilizing your URL. It is applied from the Dealer Cost of the silencer, and not from your selling price.
Nope, we sure don't.
Your account is set up by default to “Pay when order is placed.” We can also set you up on “Due at Ship” terms and Net 30 day terms pending a simple credit application process. The option to auto pay by credit card (no fees) and ACH as well as paying orders by electronic check (CHAX) are also available. Contact your dealer rep to learn more.
On your statement, items in red text are what is due, items in bold black text are due next week, all other text is what else we have for your account coming up. For further help please email
With our dealer rewards program. Dealer’s are listed with more priority the higher they are in our Rewards Program, within a certain radius based on their level. The service we use to "ping" your location is a very good service, but not infallible. Location services for your computer or phone has a potential to cause error and also cause you to not be listed first.
When the customer selects a silencer to add to cart, they will select a dealer from a drop down. This menu will show the dealer, dealer’s price, and miles from the customer as well as if they are Powered by Silencer Shop or not. The customers can also see dealer reviews and your dealer profile if you have created it.
You will be able to log into the Dealer Dashboard which will allow you to bring up a pricing table that will display the pricing for all of the silencers on our site. You will be able to see what your cost is, what the minimum price is, our suggested prices as well as MAP and MSRP. Prices can only be adjusted for silencers not accessories/ancillary items. Here is a quick video tutorial for that exact process.
If a customer orders a silencer and accessories together, we will ship the accessories directly to the customer to reduce the ammount of items you have to store in house.
You are not responsible for capturing sales tax on our website.  We collect sales tax based on a regularly updated national database of sales tax rates and pay the appropriate agencies for orders placed on our site.
The answer to this is: yes. If you sell an item in your store through your point of sale, you collect payment from the customer and assign an item (out of your inventory or ours) through your dealer portal. If the silencer comes out of Silencer Shop invnetory, then we will charge you your standard dealer price and form/ship it to you ASAP. If the customer checks out and pays on our site then we will collect payment from the customer. Payment to you is sent from Silencer Shop when the suppressor is sent at time of Form 3 approval/shipping.
All Powered by dealers have a unique URL that can be used on your website or sent to your customers to and only show your dealership and your pricing.
In SSD, the FFL was simply acting as a transfer agent for our customer. Now, through Buy-It-Local/Powered By, your customer is buying from you on our website at a price that you have specified. Being Powered By also means that we will work with the customer to handle your Form 4 paperwork through our automated systems.
We will not drop ship anything on your behalf.
We work hard to insure that we keep a very competitive pricing structure as well as a full inventory (in-stock). We also offer regular exclusives and promotions.
Unfortunately not. The service offered through PBSS is a computer automated system that we have spent years perfecting (and still continue to adjust) in order to minimize ATF error rates.
We wanted you to keep your long time customers and still be able to utilize the services offered by BIL or PBSS. The customer will not only see a list of dealers in their state (sorted by nearest to furthest) but they will also be able to select a “preferred dealer” that will then populate the first spot whenever they are looking at a product. Additionally, the use of your unique URL can completely remove other dealers from displaying on our site.
You certainly can.  The dealer pricing portal has a tutorial video associated with it that can be found here.