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    Exclusively at Silencer Shop and Silencer Shop Dealers, Dead Air has launched a titanium version of the venerable Nomad 30 silencer. 

    Lightweight. Versatile. Modular.  These are the names of the game as Dead Air set out to further their legacy of Sandman series silencer with their newest offering: The Nomad-30 Ti.  While we didn’t think it could get any better than a Sandman-K, S, L, or Ti, we were pleasantly surprised when this little silencer wandered into our shop!

    The Nomad-30 is specifically designed for the everyday shooter.  This lightweight titanium and stainless silencer is intended to go everywhere you go on whatever host rifle your day requires.  At a scant 9.6 ounces, the Nomad-30 boasts a titanium direct thread mount that is easily interchanged with a Key-Mo Adapter that will allow the Nomad to be used on any Dead Air muzzle device.

    Further Intel:

    Don’t let the weight fool you.  The Nomad packs light, but is ready for the toughest terrain! The heat treated 17-4 stainless steel baffles sport a new baffle design to optimize sound performance in the new 1 ¾ inch body and will handle even the most rigorous fire schedules.  The new outer diameter also allows for a lower back-pressure (to decrease the effect the silencer plays on your host firearm) and an increase to surface area with allows for faster heat dissipation.

    Fans of Dead Air will notice that the front cap looks oddly familiar.  Shipped with a 7.62 grade 5 titanium cap installed on the silencer, the Nomad-30 runs the same caps as the venerable sandman series.  While not required for shooting on different calibers, if you’re looking to maximize your sound performance on a particular caliber, simply pick up a replacement cap and removal tool!

    Technical Specifications:

    • Length: 6.5"
    • Weight: 9.6 oz
    • Diameter: 1.735"
    • Installed Mount: 5/8x24 Direct Thread
    • Build Materials: Titanium
    • Finish: Raw Titanium Stain Bead Blasted

    What’s In The Box:

    • Dead Air Nomad Ti Silencer
    • Naked .30cal endcap
    • Two (2) hook spanner wrenches

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    Manufacturer Dead Air
    Store Stock Status Backorder
    Weight 9.6 oz
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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    Dead Air Nomad Ti

    Dead Air Nomad Ti

    NFA Tax Stamp

    NFA Tax Stamp

    Single Shot NFA Gun Trust

    Single Shot NFA Gun Trust

    Weight9.6 ozNANA
    Caliber7.62mm (.308)NANA
    Caliber Rating.300 BLK | 5.56mm (.223) | 7.62mm (.308) | .300WMNANA
    Build MaterialGrade 5 TitaniumNANA
    Sound ReductionNANANA
    Mount StyleNANANA
    Thread PitchNANANA
    User ServiceableYesNANA
    Full-Auto RatedNot Full-Auto RatedNANA
    Min 556 Barrel12.5"NANA
    Min 300Blk BarrelNANANA
    Min 762 BarrelNANANA
    Min Magnum BarrelNANANA
    WarrantyLifetime WarrantyNANA
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