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    NOTE: Crux Silencers and accessories are not currently available from the manufacturer. As such, we have disabled the ability to order or join a waitlist for them at this time. We will update this page as more information becomes available.

    Another masterpiece from the cutting-edge minds of Crux Suppressors, the Nemesis30 unit is ideal for AR10 and .30 caliber precision rifle platforms. A compact option in its classification, this silencer is a popular Crux model for a reason. Its short and light build attracts .30cal enthusiasts nationwide.

    A sandbox as big as Texas allows for some hardcore ideas to become realities. In designing the Nemesis, the crew of Crux Suppressors created a can some thought was undoable. With a lifetime of engineering under his belt, founder Curtis Proske pushes the limits of suppression across all categories.

    Further Intel

    Because the all-titanium Nemesis30 is only 6” short, it adds a mere 4” to your rifle setup. In other words, this silencer is hardly noticeable on the end of your preferred firearm. Weighing 10 ounces also reinforces its maneuverability. When shooting .30cal, a durable and reliable suppressor is needed… The Nemesis30 surpasses both requirements. As the case with other direct-thread Crux cans, a secure attachment is provided due to the self-locking device housed on the unit. Nemesis in name, companion just the same.

    Rapid Fire

    • Full-auto rated!
    • Sound reduction: 33–38 dB
    • Weight: 10 ounces
    • Length: 6”
    • Build material: titanium
    More Information
    Manufacturer Crux
    Weight 10 oz
    Min 762 Barrel 7
    Min Magnum Barrel 12
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