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    NOTE: Crux Silencers and accessories are not currently available from the manufacturer. As such, we have disabled the ability to order or join a waitlist for them at this time. We will update this page as more information becomes available.

    Crux Suppressors offers an impressive and wide variety of cans to firearm enthusiasts. From 5.56mm to .458 caliber, this Lone Star State manufacturer has you covered. With their Ark338 silencer designed specifically for .338cal precision rifles, the Crux team brings an extreme-duty rated unit to this unique class.

    Born from years of engineering expertise and real-world practice, Crux Suppressors is proud to call Texas home. The Ark338 provides unmatched toughness while adding only 5.5” to your rifle’s barrel. Holding traits such as these high, the Crux group is definitely a silencer manufacturer to be reckoned with.

    Further Intel

    To keep things as simple as possible, Crux developed the all-titanium Ark338 to handle anything fitted for .338cal. No muss, no fuss. Utilizing in-house product testing, the crew deemed this suppressor full-auto rated and hard semi-auto rated for use down to 5” SBRs. Yowser. At only 7.5” and 12 ounces, the specs of the Ark338 jump off the page in this category of cans. Moreover, its effectiveness is undeniable: 34–42 dB sound reduction. Crux’s self-locking device guarantees a tight fit on your favorite precision firearm.

    Rapid Fire

    • Full-auto rated!
    • Sound reduction: 34–42 dB
    • Weight: 12 ounces
    • Length: 7.5”
    • Build material: titanium
    More Information
    Manufacturer Crux
    Weight 12 oz
    Min 762 Barrel 7
    Min Magnum Barrel 12
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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