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CGS Hyperion-K



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    The CGS Hyperion K is a marvel of engineering designed for incredible hearing protection in a compact package. Weighing in at a mere 10.5 ounces and measuring 6.4 inches in length, the Hyperion K combines compactness with unparalleled maneuverability, making it an awesome addition to your shooting arsenal. Constructed of 3D-printed grade 5 titanium, the Hyperion K provides optimal durability and performance, without adding any extra weight. Its 1.75-inch diameter ensures superior sound reduction, allowing you to focus on your target without distraction. 


    Constructed of DMLS grade 5 titanium, the Hyperion K provides optimal durability, without adding on any extra weight. Speaking of durability, this CGS silencer has a proprietary coating that protects your suppressor from build-up that could otherwise naturally occur. The Hyperion K also boasts a tapered mount, which provides exceptional retention and maintains concentricity when threaded onto your host firearm.


    Even with its lightweight and shorter stature, the Hyperion K’s 1.75-inch diameter still allows this silencer to have maximum sound reduction. This modular suppressor hase Hyperion K is also versatile, having two alternate front cap options: their vented end cap (not included) for low back pressure and their traditional low-profile end cap for maximum quiet. The Hyperion K is threaded in 5/8x 24 and will properly direct thread onto any barrel that is threaded in 5/8x24 and has a machined 25 degree taper. A Hyperion Thread Adapter is required to properly seat a Hyperion K onto any barrel with a 90 degree shoulder. The only exception is if the crown of the barrel is .736 inches or wider.


    • Lightweight Design: At just 10.2 ounces, this suppressor won't weigh you down.
    • Compact Powerhouse: Measures 6.3 inches in length for enhanced maneuverability.
    • Durable Construction: 3D-Printed from grade 5 titanium for optimal strength without added weight.
    • Slick Finish: Features a proprietary coating to prevent buildup and ensure longevity, repelling buildup like a champ.
    • Precision Engineering: Utilizes a tapered thread mount for secure attachment and alignment with the firearm.
    • Tuning: Comes with a low-profile front-end cap, but you can jazz it up with a vented cap for those who like to customize their gear.


    • Length: 6.3 inches
    • Weight: 10.2 ounces
    • Diameter: 1.75 inches
    • Build Materials: Titanium
    • Finish: S-Line, PVD
    • Full Auto Rated: No
    • Barrel Restrictions: 10” or longer


    • CGS Hyperion K Suppressor
    • CGS Low Profile Front End Cap

    How To Buy The Hyperion K With Silencer Shop

    1. Add the CGS Hyperion K to your cart. Make sure to include a tax stamp for each item and a Single Shot Trust if applicable. The Gun Trust makes it easy to add friends and family as additional users of the suppressor. 
    2. Head to your selected Powered By Silencer Shop dealer with a kiosk to complete your demographic and fingerprint scan in just five minutes. Snap a selfie and upload it online within your customer portal with the Silencer Shop app.
    3. Silencer Shop will email a DocuSign to you. Please review and digitally sign the file from your computer or mobile device.
    4. Set up your ATF eForms account at Make sure your email, name, and address match your Silencer Shop profile information exactly.
    5. You'll receive an email from Silencer Shop that says "Ready to Certify" and includes the phone number of your local Powered by Silencer Shop dealer. Set up a time to certify with your dealer and submit the form to the ATF for processing.
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    Manufacturer CGS
    Weight 10.2 oz
  • Product comparsion

    CGS Hyperion K

    CGS Hyperion K

    NFA Tax Stamp

    NFA Tax Stamp

    Single Shot NFA Gun Trust

    Single Shot NFA Gun Trust

    Weight10.2 ozNANA
    DiameterDiameter 1.75"NANA
    Caliber7.62mm (.308)NANA
    Caliber Rating.300BLK (subsonic) | .300 BLK | .300 RUM | 7.62 x39mm (subsonic) | 7.62x39mm | 7.62mm (.308) | .300WM | 6.5mm | .260NANA
    Build MaterialTitaniumNANA
    Sound ReductionNANANA
    Mount StyleNANANA
    Thread PitchNANANA
    User ServiceableNANANA
    Full-Auto RatedNANANA
    Min 556 BarrelNANANA
    Min 300Blk BarrelNANANA
    Min 762 BarrelNANANA
    Min Magnum BarrelNANANA
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