Mack Brothers Vapor

Do you ever get excited about a new product? 'Cause we do!

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Do you ever get excited about a new product? 'Cause we do!
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    New to Silencer Shop—though definitely not new to the suppressor industry—Mack Brothers has been in the manufacturing arena since 1997. We are more than thrilled to provide their state-of-the-art line of cans, especially the brand new Mack Brothers Vapor rimfire unit… What a grand entrance!

    The Vapor is their new flagship .22 caliber can, and it offers both rifle and handgun enthusiasts a reliable sound suppression option. Mack Brothers crafted this jewel entirely out of titanium, which is somewhat a rarity in the .22 category. This lends the unit to be on the lighter side (4.3 ounces), in addition to enabling it to achieve the coveted full-auto rating.

    Located in South Dakota, Mack Brothers has been in the suppressor manufacturing business for nearly 30 years. Their expanding catalog of silencers is designed to bring light-weight, durable options to respective markets. With the introduction of the Vapor, Mack Brothers can confidently check the .22 caliber market box.

    Further Intel

    At a length of 5.5”, this unit offers the shooter maneuverability, making mobile target practice a cakewalk. Moreover, the inclusion of eight K-baffles produces a quiet shooting experience without even the thought of ear protection. The unique core layout employed by Mack Brothers has the baffle skirts fall behind each cone, creating a very effective suppression system. Moreover, the efficient Vapor design rewards the shooter with simple disassembly and maintenance practices. After one or both endcaps are removed, the baffle stack easily slides out for cleaning. An inventive, reliable, user-friendly .22 caliber silencer at a discounted price? Yes, please!

    Rapid Fire

    • Full-auto rated!
    • Build material: titanium
    • Finish: matte black
    • Brand-spanking new suppressor!

    What’s In the Box?

    •  Endcap removal tool

    What Are the Critics Saying?

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    Manufacturer Mack Brothers
    Weight 4.2 oz
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