If you’re temporarily living overseas or don’t have easy access to one of the Silencer Shop Kiosks, it may come as a surprise that you can still go through the application process to purchase a suppressor (assuming of course that you can still claim residency in a state that allows for silencer ownership).

In a previous blog post, we discussed step-by-step How to Buy a Silencer, but buying a silencer while overseas is a little bit different.

How to Buy a Silencer When You Are Deployed or Working Overseas

This first thing you should know about it is that it is possible to purchase a suppressor if you’re deployed, or otherwise (for example, working overseas). And, as always, our goal is to simplify silencer ownership for you, whether you’re currently stateside or not.

We’ll lay out every step you need to take in order to start the process. We should note that these aren’t in any particular order, and as long as each action item is complete, it truly doesn’t matter what order you put them in. As long as they’re all complete, we can kick your paperwork off to the ATF for you.

1. Select a silencer and dealer AND add a tax stamp.

  • Silencer selection. Every NFA item has a unique serial number associated with it and engraved on it. Once you select and purchase your silencer, we will assign a serial number to you.
  • Select your dealer. By selecting your dealer, you’re choosing where you’re going to be picking up your silencer whenever you come back to the States. We have a wide variety of suppressor dealers to choose from to make it even easier for you to complete your purchase. To find one nearest dealer nearest your permanent address, just visit our dealer locator here.
  • Purchase a tax stamp. The tax stamp purchase will go directly to the ATF but is essential to keep this process rolling.

2. Add a Fingerprinting Packet to your Cart when you order and Complete Fingerprints.

When applying for the purchase of a silencer while you are outside of the Country, adding a fingerprinting packet to your order is by far the biggest difference.

If you were in the US, we’d simply direct you to one of our conveniently located kiosks to complete the fingerprinting requirement, but if you are overseas, this requirement takes an additional step and it requires a little be more finesse, since we can’t send you a kiosk (but trust us; we would if we could!).

  • Add our paper fingerprinting packet to your cart online while you are making your purchase. This packet includes two blank FD-258 fingerprint cards, applicable instructions, and a return envelope to get everything back to us. We do ship to military bases (APO’s). Just follow the instructions and send them back our way when they’re complete.
    • Please note: you’ll need ink in order to complete the fingerprint cards.
  • If you don’t have an FPO/AP or can’t receive mail, most U.S. Embassies or military judicial offices (JAG, MP Offices, PMO’s, etc.) have FD-258 cards and are equipped to take fingerprints for you.

Once you’ve completed your fingerprints, send the packet back to us using the return envelop in the original fingerprinting packet you ordered.

3. Fill out your information online.

Since this post is dedicated to those who don’t have access to a kiosk, the best way to fill out all of your registration information is by going to PoweredBy.SilencerShop.com and logging in using your credentials, or creating a new account. There, you will need to fill in all of the information, including:

  • Your customer profile. Here is where you’ll enter in your physical address (not where you’re currently staying temporarily overseas, but your stateside permanent address), and phone number.
  • Your personal information. The personal information you will need to enter is things like gender, date of birth, height, and weight.
  • Answer questions. There are a few questions that you’ll be asked as well, that are similar to filling out a 4473 for a firearm.

Whether you’re filing using a Trust or filing as an Individual, it will change your application.

If you aren’t sure which one you want to file as, visit here to view the similarities and differences between what we offer, or email us at info@silencershop.com with “Stationed Overseas” as the subject line.

    • If you already have a trust, you can upload it into your customer portal online.

4. Download the Silencer Shop app and take a passport-like photo.

  • Use your email address and password to log in.
  • Select the photo icon. You’ll see a list of guidelines in order to make the photo compliant. You will then confirm it is you you’re taking a picture of. At that point, you can flip the screen around to you to take the photo, or have a friend take it if you’re not into selfies.
    • Please note: Passport-like photos expire every year only if you are submitting for a new silencer. Said differently, when submitting NFA paperwork, your photo needs to have been taken in the last 365 days. To renew this photo, simply log on to the app and take a new photo that abides by the photo guidelines listed in the app.

Once you have submitted all of the information listed above, we’ll draft your Form 4. The final step is signing your form, sent to you by email via DocuSign, for submission.

And, that’s it! We handle the rest for you.

While the process of purchasing a suppressor while being overseas may seem daunting, especially when trying to communicate through different time zones, we are always glad to assist you step-by-step in your purchase of your new silencer via email or via the contact page of our website.

Many of our military service members while overseas also find it convenient to message us about a new silencer purchase via Facebook or Reddit to clarify any questions they may have – including everything from compliance questions to suppressor questions.

We stand ready to assist you through every step of the buying process, even if you are outside of the Country today. So, reach out! We look forward to serving you.