Q Plan-B

Q PLAN-B -multi
The "Plan-B" by Q is designed to replace the mounting hardware on the rear of your silencer.  Here is a quick (but not exhaustive) list of which model fits what silencers: Alpha - 1.125x28 - This model will fit many pistol silencers like the SiCo Alpha mount silencers (Octane, Omega K series, Harvester) as well as pistol silencers like the Rugged Obsidian, Griffin Revo/Resistance, etc. Bravo - 1.375x24 - This model will fit SiCo Bravo mount silencers (Omega 300, Hybrid, Harvester BB) as well as many others like the Dead Air Nomad, YHM Resonator R2, Torrent silencers, etc. Charlie- This mount will fit SiCo Charlie mount silencers like th... Read More
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