Bowers VersAdapt

Bowers Stainless VersAdapt Inserts.
Bowers Stainless VersAdapt Inserts. The CAC 9, CAC 45, VERS 9s, and Vers 50 feature the new AIMS™ Adapter Integrating Mount System. The Threaded Endcap Adapter to use on Bowers CAC 9 & CAC 45, Bowers VERS 9s, and the Bowers VERS 50 Suppressors.
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Manufacturer Bowers
Supp Model For Accessories Bowers CAC45, Bowers CAC9, Bowers VERS 45, Bowers VERS 458, Bowers VERS 50, Bowers VERS 9, Bowers VERS 9S

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