YHM .30 Caliber Phantom Flash Hiders

This flash hider is used for YHM .30 Cal. Phantom Q.D. Sound Suppressor.
Silencer Shop Note - Picking the Correct Flash Hider All Phantom Flash Hiders marked as 5.56mm will fit any of the 5.56mm or 7.62mm Phantom suppressors. This includes the new 7.62mm Phantom LT and Phantom LTA.  You can find the 5.56mm Phantom Flash Hiders on this page. The 7.62mm Phantom Flash Hiders on this page will fit only the standard Phantom suppressors, not the LT/LTA/ULT suppressors.  The models that these Flash Hiders will fit include: Stainless 7.62mm Phantom M2 QD, and Titanium 7.62mm Phantom QD. Don't be confused by the 'New Style' vs 'Old Style'. Function-wise, they are identical - and they will al... Read More
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Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine
Supp Model For Accessories YHM Phantom 5.56 M2 QD, YHM Phantom 5.56 QD, YHM Phantom 5.56 Ti QD, YHM Phantom 7.62 M2 QD, YHM Phantom 7.62Ti QD