Bowers VersAdapt

Bowers Stainless VersAdapt Inserts.

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Bowers Stainless VersAdapt Inserts.
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    Bowers Stainless VersAdapt Inserts.

    The CAC 9, CAC 45, VERS 9s, and Vers 50 feature the new AIMS™ Adapter Integrating Mount System. The Threaded Endcap Adapter to use on Bowers CAC 9 & CAC 45, Bowers VERS 9s, and the Bowers VERS 50 Suppressors.

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    Manufacturer Bowers
    Supp Model For Accessories Bowers CAC45, Bowers CAC9, Bowers VERS 45, Bowers VERS 458, Bowers VERS 50, Bowers VERS 9, Bowers VERS 9S
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    Silencer Shop Authority Reviews

    Bowers VERS 9s

    The Bowers Group Vers 9s is a great budget friendly suppressor! Can do everything from 32 ACP to 9mm and 300 BLK for sub $1k WITH stamp! 

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    Bowers VERS 9S Review

    The guys over at Silencer Shop recently picked up a Brethren Armament BAP9 MP5 (review to come) and I’ve been itching to try it out. After I managed to secure some time with the roller-locked beauty, the folks down in Austin recommended I try it with Bowers’ subgun-centric VERS 9S.

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    Todd Huey from Lone Star Boars uses the .458 SOCOM for the first time on a thermal hog hunt. Using the Bowers Vers 458 silencer to keep the noise and recoil down. Testing the Supersonic and Subsonic ammo on Clear Ballistics gel and hunting in the field with it.

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