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    The CAM-LOK® Carry Comp was developed to provide concealed carry gun owners using the CAM-LOK barrel adapters with enhanced recoil mitigation and muzzle control without unnecessary weight and bulk.  Adding only a few tenths of an inch in length beyond a typical thread protector the patented CAM-LOK® Carry Comp provides brute strength and gas direction with its close dimensioned 17-4SS ported baffle face.  Significantly reducing recoil decreases split times between shots while improving group sizes.   Its minimal size and weight ensure that the CAM-LOK® Carry Comp will not significantly print on concealed carry clothing like other comps or burden the end user with unnecessary weight.  Wrench flats provide the user with the ability to use a 11/16" socket to torque the device into place*.  A taper inside the device secures it to the CAM-LOK® barrel adapters. The CAM-LOK® Carry Comp offers and affordable solution to CAM-LOK® end users desiring recoil mitigation when suppressors are not in use. 

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