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Thanks. Just a comment. This is the first suppressor I’ve ordered from you guys, I already own 6 various units, and I’ve got to say I really like the way y’all do things over there. So much so, I have two more in my cart right now that I plan on ordering today. Just wanted [...]"
Thank you, I know y’all have heard this before. I’ll say it again though, you have the best customer service of ANY company I have ever done business with. Bryan"
Dear Roy:  Thanks for your response and thanks for the amazing customer service.  This will be my 3rd purchase from Silencer Shop and you guys are truly the best. Robert"
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This past Saturday Silencer Shop was the title sponsor at the 2nd Annual Texas Law Enforcement Multigun Championship. The event took place at Best of the West in Liberty Hill Texas and hosted over 100 shooters. Different agencies from across the country were represented including Border Patrol, ATF, and various other police departments from other [...]

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