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Silencer Shop Testimonials

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I would like to say, “THANK YOU” to all of the employees’ within your organization who have assisted me in purchasing suppressors, completing the Trust documentation and guiding me thru the registration process. I have called your office on three occasions looking for assistance or status on my orders and received nothing less than top notch customer service on all three occasions. Your representatives have assisted me in getting answers to my questions and provided the guidance needed to complete my orders. Their knowledge of the process is outstanding and their attitude and desire to assist is unparalleled. Because this is the first year Iowa has allowed residents to possess suppressors, I believed the process of purchasing them would be cumbersome at best. I am truly amazed at how pleasant your team has made this experience. Thank you!!!
- Jim


Silencer Shop Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for the great service that you gave me on my latest suppressor purchase. It took about eight months to get here, but there were no surprises when it did. You guys obviously have the best Class III business plan in the country and it shows in the quality service that you provide. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
- John


This is the first time I have ordered from you guys and I must say how impressed I am at the customer service. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who plan on getting into the suppressor game. Thanks again.
- Kent


Awesome - thanks, Paul! SID is a great idea - and you guys are excellent in your support for us at the local level! Thanks for your help!
- Scott


You guys are the best at what you do , and I will be using your company again . I hope real soon.
- David


...I appreciate the information. I'll certainly recommend you guys to anyone I meet needing this kind of service.
- Josh


You guys ROCK!
- Randy


As a first-time buyer and someone who designs websites, I'm impressed! Great customer experience. That really was the easiest way to buy a suppressor!
- Zach


You folks just make this so easy.
- Mark


To all the guys [and gals] at Silencershop, I just wanted to tell you I appreciate what you are doing for those of us wanting to own and enjoy suppressors. I have bought quite a few suppressors from you in the last few months.... Thanks again to the guys on the phones and everyone else for making NFA items more accessible. I'm looking forward to the kiosks and hope you keep coming up with better ways to lower the cost of these items and streamline the purchase process.
- Jonathan


You've got a customer for life, by the way.... Nothing but fantastic service so far. Thanks again!
- Josh


...I would like to take this time to thank you for your professionalism and excellent customer service.
- James


You are awesome. You guys run a top notch business.
- Taylor


I purchased my second suppressor from you this past year, a Griffin Checkmate QD. My first was a Mack Brothers suppressor from [another dealer] a year earlier. I decided to use Silencer Shop for all my future NFA purchases for a variety of reasons: 1.) Service - Ease of Paperwork Filing. 2.) Service - Expert knowledge of your staff to answer questions to help make my final purchase decision. 3.) Pricing / Selection. 4.) Wide range of Powered Dealer Locations. I wanted to say thank you for focusing your business model on SERVICE. I picked up my Griffin Checkmate QD 2 weeks ago and loved my shopping experience with SilencerShop. You made life that much easier for me. Watching your youtube videos online, I realized you had a number of other good videos instead of just product demonstrations. After watching your video on how to E-File a Form 1 for a Short Barrel Rifle, I thought, "No, it can't really be that easy..." I followed the video, and sure enough - I just successfully submitted my Form 1 for my first SBR. Now the wait begins yet again! This week I'm sitting at home recovering from a surgery, and I read on the Firearm Blog that you've decided to PROACTIVELY minimize the inconvenience of Ruling 41F... http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/05/25/exclusive-silencer-shop-outlines-new-41f-system/ I love your ideas on Kiosks, and Smart Phone App to make future purchases & paperwork far more simple! My NFA trust has members in two different states, so getting everybody together with a notaries, and witnesses to even form the trust was difficult to begin with! Your newly proposed system will be invaluable for future additions to our NFA trust! Your unprecedented level of amazing service, and your focus on service in your business model has made myself, our Co-Trustees, and many of my other friends and co-workers, into lifelong Silencer Shop customers! Thank you!
- Mathew


Just picked up my Can. Thanks all. The Silencer Shop made this very easy. From the Trust creation to the delivery of my Can. Great Job!
- Robert


That is incredible Patrick. I couldn't be more happy and satisfied than I am now! Service like that is why I just bought one more suppressor 30 minutes ago haha! Just need to wait till pay day next week to get the tax stamp! Again though, thank you so much for the excellent service. I just referred a buddy of mine to purchase from you guys before July hits and it looks like he will. Good day to you too man.
- Justin


Very glad to be doing business with you guys.
- Kevin (Dealer)


I want you to know that you have an important asset on your team at silencer shop in sales, service and customer support. Thanks to Mr Mallette, I will be a lifetime customer of your store.
- David


I really appreciate the Great work you are all doing.
- Jeff


You guys are awesome! Best of the best. Thank you for your time.
- Michael


You guys rock! Thanks soooo much!!!
- Robert


As has been my experience in the past, EVERY interaction I’ve had with SilencerShop this has been a 10/10. I really appreciate the customer focus and look forward to being an ongoing customer. Thanks again,
- Steve


The Silencer Shop is just too easy. I intend to promote you to all of my shooting friends.
- Phil


I just received a review request for Layman's gunship about my purchase from you. I submitted a review, and failed entirely to mention how pleased I was to do business with you. As unpleasant as the waiting period is, I sat in confidence that my paperwork was in order and merchandise on the way in due time. The first days and weeks can be a bit nerve wracking, but your communications provided transparency into the process, validation of my paperwork, and fully managed my expectations. I've recommended purchasing from you to my friends, and expect to give you future business directly. Thank you for your incredible service and fair pricing Silencer Shop.
- Tony


Makes sense. Everything looks perfect.... Your process is so quick.
- Rex


Excellent job!
- Becky


Everything I’ve heard about your customer service is true – you guys are great!
- Nick


Mrs. Laurie, you are amazing. So far, your company has lived up to it's reputation. I went through you to purchase my suppressor because the overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received from my colleagues and I have to say I am happy to do business with you.
- Shawn


Hey Sheri, Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am blown away at how simple you have made the process and how quickly you respond to emails!!! I will be using and ONLY using the Silencer Shop for all future purchases!
- Patrick


Thank you very much for accommodating this morning. You all make the entire process as easy and/or hassle-free as you claim it to be. Perhaps even more so. Thanks again!
- Ryan


Showing 1-30 of 319 results

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