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YHM 5.56mm Phantom QD



YHM, in cooperation with Sound Technologies, is proud to bring you the Phantom Sound Suppression System. The proven performance of YHM's Phantom Flash Hider eliminates 99% of muzzle flash while the Sound Technologies baffle design (U.S. Patent #7,073,426) reduces muzzle noise by up to -35 dB. The fast attach design (Patent Pending) allows you to permanently install the Phantom Flash Hider and then install the Sound Suppressor without the use of tools when sound suppression is desired. Our patented Phantom Flash Hider system holds the sound suppressor firmly in place by hand tightening and allows the sound suppressor to be removed by hand when no longer needed. A patented gas seal keeps the threads clean so the suppressor will not bind, making removal a breeze. The Phantom Flash hider supports the sound suppressor in two places making misalignment nearly impossible, even if the sound suppressor is not fully tightened.

What are the Critics Saying?

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Specification Information

Caliber Rating 5.56mm (.223)
Color Black
Length 6.875"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 20 oz
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine
Build Material Chrome Moly Steel



9 Reviews For YHM 5.56mm Phantom QD

  • Greg12/29/2016

    I've had this suppressor for a while now and all I can say is, AWESOME! Easy to install/uninstall, easy on the ears, looks pretty cool. I don't find it too heavy. Great price. Highly recommend it.

  • Thomas10/10/2016

    Read instructions, YHM recommends no crush washer on flash hider, powered by dealer does not install flash hider, my gunsmith installed crush washer, I removed it before firing after calling silencer shop. After that the suppressor is great, no hearing protection needed. Well worth the money and looks cool. This is exactly what I was expecting in a 5.56 suppressor. Cant wait for my YHM stinger for my .22lr.

  • Jason9/30/2016

    Sounds Great!
    Great product as well!
    just had to re-sight scope once installed, few clicks and back at 1/4 MOA at 200-yd.

  • James3/6/2016

    this is my 1 supp, wow took it to the range today its awesome fired about a 100 rounds just like shooting a 22, love it its not heavy like every one says, not to me anyway, i have on order the 9mm sidewinder for my Glock comes in the wait for that starts,,

  • James2/29/2016

    Well I just got my supp today,,, i cant wait to take it out to the range,, approved 2-19-16 an pick it up from the my FLL 2-29-16

    thank you Silencer Shop

  • James1/5/2016

    I havent got mine yet, but it should be approved in a couple of mouths,,, iam like a kid waiting for xmass, Ill post more when i get it

  • Robert3/29/2015

    Been a long while since I had possession of a suppressor and this fit the bill for my SBR build. Picked it up from the Shop Friday 3/27/2015 and took it to the range Saturday. Used the Yankee Hill Muzzle Break on my 12.5 DD CHF Barrel, running the Adams Arms GP. This can is great and ran like a top. Picked up some 75 grain subsonic and man it was no louder than a pellet gun. Weight is a factor, but it gets beat out buy the great performance and fun factor. Great can for the budget minded shooter.

  • jdworst9/12/2014

    I have had this product for going on three years now and it has been outstanding! The QD system works like a charm and the sound with sonic rounds, without hearing protection, is well within tolerable. Using subsonic rounds or using it with a .22 pistol (I highly recommend) is amazingly quiet and reduces recoil to perfection. An awesome purchase!

  • Max4/8/2014

    Great product. Works great. Sounds great. Only down side is the weight. This is a heavy can. I also purchased the 308 version of this can from Silencer Shop and it is a BEAST as well, but both of them are amazing. If you don't mind the weight, this is a great can.

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YHM 5.56mm Phantom QD

SKU: YHM-3100-28
This is the Chrome-Moly version of the 5.56mm Phantom QD

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