short barrel rifle, SBR Builder Programshort barrel rifle, SBR Builder Program


Silencer Shop and Daniel Defense have partnered to make getting a top-tier short barreled rifle (SBR) easier than ever.

For the first time ever, you can get your rifle your way. Select your favorite Daniel Defense upper and lower receiver to build the perfect SBR for your needs.

Silencer Shop takes care of the rest: the ATF paperwork and helping submit your Form 1 quickly and easily. Thanks to Silencer Shop, you'll hit the range fast with your new SBR!

Get your SBR Fast 

Right now, you can get your new Daniel Defense SBR in record time. On average, paperwork is coming back in less than two months. In some cases, we've seen approvals as fast as four days!

Silencer Shop's SBR builder uses eForm 1 submissions to deliver faster approval times, so you'll be at the range with your new SBR quicker than ever.

You may receive your SBR before your next ammo order is delivered—it's that fast.

Get your new rifle quickly and easily with Silencer Shop's eForm 1 submission system, the most accurate, simplest, and fastest way to get your SBR.

How to Build a SBR at Silencer Shop

  1. Customize Your SBR: Choose your preferred Daniel Defense upper and lower receivers to design your custom SBR.
  2. Silencer Shop Does the Engraving: We'll laser engrave your new lower with your name (or trust name), city, and state, then send it to a Powered by Silencer Shop dealer of your choice. Then we’ll send it to your dealer  
  3. Pick up your Lower and Notify Silencer Shop: Pick up your engraved lower from your dealer, it is not yet an NFA item. Log in to the Silencer Shop dashboard and select "I Have Received My Lower Receiver" once the lower is in your possession.    
  4. Form 1 Certification: Your ATF Form 1 will be prepared for certification. You'll receive an email notifying you it's "Ready to Certify," which you can do easily online from any device. 
  5. Approval and Upper Receiver Shipment: After your ATF Form 1 is approved, confirm on the dashboard by selecting "My Form 1 is Approved!" Your lower is officially an SBR, and the upper receiver will be shipped directly to your door! 

Build a Custom Daniel Defense SBR AR15

Daniel Defense is known for making some of the highest quality and most reliable AR15s available.

The upper receivers use top-tier parts like cold hammer forged barrels and MPI-tested bolt carrier groups.

The lower receivers are complete with smooth, crisp triggers, reliable buffer systems, ambi safeties, and a few buttstock options.

Combine these excellent parts with exceptional QC checks during manufacturing, and you can have a reliable, awesome SBR.


Daniel Defense UppersDaniel Defense Uppers

DDM4 MK18 Upper

The DDM4 MK18 is the most iconic SBR upper ever made. Used by the US military, law enforcement, and firearms enthusiasts for years, this upper features maximum reliability in a minimal package. Pick up this 10.3" 5.56 NATO upper, add a suppressor, and hit the range.

Daniel Defense DDM4 MK18 UpperDaniel Defense DDM4 MK18 Upper

DDM4 V7s Upper

The V7s uses an 11.5" cold hammer forged 5.56 barrel for excellent accuracy, longevity, and reliability. The V7s is a great "Do it all" SBR, and the MLOK handguard allows you to build it to your preferred needs!

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7s UpperDaniel Defense DDM4 V7s Upper

DDM4 PDW Upper

This 7" 300BLK is ideal for running suppressed, featuring a pistol-length gas system for 100% reliability regardless of whether you're running subsonic ammo or supersonic rounds.

Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW UpperDaniel Defense DDM4 PDW Upper


Daniel Defense LowersDaniel Defense Lowers

DDM4 MK18 / V7s Lower Receiver Group

The DDM4 lower is everything you want in an SBR lower receiver. It comes with a great trigger, no slop, a clean break, and ambi safeties, which are great for any shooter.

Daniel Defense DDM4 MK18 / V7s LRGDaniel Defense DDM4 MK18 / V7s LRG

DDM4 PDW Lower Receiver Group

The DDM4 PDW is sleek, compact, and cool. This lower keeps the same amazing pistol grip and ambi safeties as the standard DDM4, but it uses the Maxim collapsible PDW stock and buffer system to make this lower as small as possible.

Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW LRGDaniel Defense DDM4 PDW LRG