MODTAC MRAC Suppressor Shield – Modular Rail Attach Coupler / MK-16/MK-18 & MCX- Virtus

MODTAC 18B-007.(WS)-multi
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    Modular Suppressor Shields with Rail Attach Coupler (M-RAC), designed to provide unparalleled performance and protection for your suppressor. 

    The M-RAC 3.1 boasts a remarkable 20% reduction in weight compared to previous generations. Additionally, it offers increased clearance for suppressors and features stronger engaging threads on the coupler.
    All M-RAC’s shipped after October 1st, 202s means, you’ll still be able to mount M-LOK accessories in these slots, and not waste any rail space. 

    Extensively tested and endorsed3 will include the 3.1 variation which utilizes the industry standard screw spacing of 20mm, to allow compatibility with M-LOK accessories, such as Arisaka and Surefire light mounts. This means, you’ll still be able to mount M-LOK accessories in these slots, and not waste any rail space. Extensively tested and endorsed by multiple military units and federal agencies, this cutting-edge design combines an optimal air gap efficient venting, and low thermal transfer materials for a staggering 60% reduction in both maximum outer surface temperature and suppressor cool-down time, significantly extending the lifespan of your suppressor compared to traditional fabric-style suppressor covers that trap heat inside your suppressor.

    Crafted with a carbon fiber outer hull, our Suppressor Shields are both impact and heat resistant, capable of withstanding suppressor temperatures exceeding 1200°F for short periods of time. This durability ensures reliable performance even in the harshest battlefield conditions.


    • High Temperature resin can withstand suppressor temperatures of up to 1,200°F.
    • Filament wound carbon fiber provides unparalleled rigidity/strength to weight ratio.
    • Carbon Fiber’s low thermal transfer rate, protects the operator and equipment.
    • Cerakote coating provides a long-lasting, durable surface.


    • 6061 Anodized Aluminum hardware provides a strong, light coupler.

    Attaching Mechanism

    • Free-float
    • 1/4 turn, quick attach/detach Suppressor Shield
    • Recoil proof design, Full Auto Rated
    • Built-in picatinny rails

    • Design

    • Air gap provides air circulation around suppressor.
    • Vents are placed to minimize mirage and maximize air flow.
    • Free-float design reduces external surface temperature of Suppressor Shield.
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