Rugged Suppressors  

Rugged Suppressors, founded in 2014 by Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak, creates innovative firearm products that immediately grab the industry’s attention.

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Nestled in South Carolina, they’re continually seeking inventive materials and manufacturing methods to create superior suppressors that are reliable from the get-go. They meticulously test all of their products and take quality control to unseen levels in the silencer industry.

With an individual as respected as Henry Graham in the fold, Rugged is now at the top of their innovation and design game.

The primary can designed by Rugged Suppressors, the Surge 7.62, is the perfect fusion of innovation and creativity. This durable and lightweight suppressor features their industry-revolutionizing ADAPT Modular Technology, which provides the unit unmatched versatility. Moreover, it is the first truly modular .30 caliber rifle silencer to grace the market. Quite a feat!

These guys are committed to being the best silencer manufacturer in the country by focusing on positive customer interactions (before and after the sale), producing cosmetically and functionally superior products, and aiming to outpace the field through rigorous development and testing. As their slogan states: “We’re gun guys. For gun enthusiasts.” Nailed it.