JK 155 MST Wrench

MSRP $30.00 $20.00
The JK Armament wrench is a hexagonal 1 ½ inch wrench that is a customized, affordable, and lightweight option specifically designed for the JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap line. It includes a 3/8" hole to accept a torque wrench or ratchet handle for extra leverage.  Constructed of 6061 aluminum, this wrench will minimize galling on your JK accessories and only weighs 3 ounces while still offering extreme durability. For quick assembly or disassembly, this wrench serves as a perfect accessory to keep with you wherever you and your Modular Solvent Trap go. Specs Weight: 3 oz Build Material: 6061 Aluminum
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Manufacturer JK Armament