Griffin Paladin Muzzle Brakes

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The Griffin Armament Paladin Brake is a compact 2-Port Taper Mount muzzle device that is compatible with all of our taper mount silencers and accessories. Geometrically designed to keep weight to a minimum, the Paladin Brake offers full size performance without the weight penalty. Equipped with two rearward directing recoil reducing ports, with vertical compensation slots, the two port brake provides flat shooting performance in addition to maximum braking power. Melonite QPQ provides a durable, attractive finish. The Paladin is machined from high strength 17-4 stainless steel that is corrosion and wear resistant. Includes shim set.


  • Griffin TM Muzzle Brakes-5.56mm (.223)-1/2x28
    Griffin TM Muzzle Brakes-5.56mm (.223)-1/2x28
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    Griffin Paladin Muzzle Brakes-.30-5/8x24
    Griffin Paladin Muzzle Brakes-.30-5/8x24
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  • Griffin Armament Optimus
    Griffin Armament Optimus
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